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This girl called me cheap? Was I cheap &/or out of line?

Asked By: Anonymous
So this girl asked me out to dinner at a pretty fancy restaurant and I accepted. At dinner we were having a good time and then the check arrives. She doesn't even look at the check, so I pick it up and the bill is ~$76 total. I figured I would pay for it since I'm the guy (yay, we get the honor of paying for everything, how lucky!). I just happened to be paying by cash, and put $90 even on the table. She then gives me this look of disgust. Me: What's up? She: Shouldn't you be tipping more? Me: I made it $90, I think it is fair. She: Uhh, ok, well it looks cheap... I think $100 is what you should put down, but what do I know. Me: ok, sounds good. And I took back $40 (leaving $50) from the bill and told her "Cool.. that should cover it". She: You're expecting me to pay? Me: Well, since you asked me out, I think you should be the one to pay the whole thing, but I'll put down my half. She: I've never had to pay for a meal before... Me: Then stop asking guys out, and more over, don't call someone cheap when you're not paying nor are you willing to ever pay for yourself. After some banter back and forth, she put down $25 (Nice try, cheapskate)... and I took back $10 and left the restaurant... What nerve? or was she right?
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Is this situation alright or am I just risking rejection?

Asked By: Anonymous
I was just thinking about this situation with this girl I like and I want to ask her out.I wanted to ask her out to get to know her better cuz where she works she seems quiet and shy when around me so I was wondering if I should just be honest with her and straight forward with her and ask her out for a drink cuz I would like to get to know her better.But I'm afraid if I tell her that I like her and I wanted to ask her out being straight to the point that it might scare her away or make her feel uncomfortable considering we haven't talked much.Should I just be straight forward and honest in how I feel about her? or will that just hurt me if I asked her how I felt about her? I hope that you guys can help me.Cuz girls make me nervous and shy and I am afraid that I'll get rejected. Thank you guys.
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What is this feeling?

Asked By: Anonymous
I met this girl online about a week ago on myspace. We hit it off really well and started talking on the phone. After about a week of talking we learned that we have a LOT in common, and we talk for about 4 hours every night without wanting to hang up. The other night, we were talking and we let a moment of silence interrupt us. During this moment, it felt as if she was there next to me, even though she was on the other end of the phone line. I felt so full inside and I could almost feel her right next to me. The funny thing is that she felt the exact same thing at the same. It almost made her tear. What is this?
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Asked By: Anonymous
well I'm a freshman running back and i use to play conerback and kick returner but i still do that.Ok my girlfriend dumped me for the teams Quarterback and me and him have had problems in the past but right now i feel like when we have practice I'm going to tackle his *** and injure him but that's going to make it worse what should i do?
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is there a chance younger men may be more attractive towards older women now?

Asked By: carrie J
are younger guys starting to be more attractive towards older women or are they still playing the terry mcmillan game with these older women who are alone and feel not wanted
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Why do you like your crush?

Asked By: SmashJ
What makes him/her so special? What do you like/love about them?
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He got so upset Guys: would this upset you or do you think he had a right?

Asked By: justme
I have been seeing/talking to this guy for about 7 months. We have been intimate but it’s very hard to see each other and so we haven’t seen each other in about 2 months. However, we talk and text every day, he has told me he loves me and is very sweet to me. Well yesterday I mentioned to him that one of my brother’s friends sent me a couple strange email messages and I wasn’t sure what to do so I just deleted them. He asked me what they said which they said things along the lines of “I miss seeing you I need my fix of seeing you” generally the sounds of the email where that he liked me and wanted to see how I would respond. Well my guy got so upset, he said not mad at me just pissed at the situation, he said “you just don’t understand I care about you so much and I would do anything to protect you or to prevent you from being hurt, I love you and I am so pissed at this guy for trying to talk to you when he knows you are with someone” he was so upset and said “I know you are beautiful and sexy and people will be attracted to you, but this guys was out of line, if I didn’t care about you I would just say oh whatever about him sending you this message but that’s not the case I care for you SOO much” Do you think his reaction is true and that what he is saying is how he really feels? Guys, would what happened make you this upset? OH and he was upset it took me a couple days to tell him and he said that I should have told him the day I got the message and said “never do that again, tell me right when something like this happens, cause this is a big deal” What are your thoughts?
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how do i know if he's still interested?

Asked By: Millie
i met this guy and we like each other alot i'm 16 and have my parents consent to date him as he is 5 years older than me. i haven't seen or heard from him in almost a week. i don't have his number and he keeps on asking my sister's boyfriend for my number. he's asked me out on a date twice but can't get his act together and is taking too long and then i got asked out by my ex and i said maybe. how long until i can tell he's not interested anymore?
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do you think that most of the people you meet are selfish?

Asked By: diver down
do you think that most of the people you meet are selfish?
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Is a rose a bad birthday gift for an ex-girlfriend?

Asked By: Aerial_Tang
Now before you answer, the rose isn't store bought. It's made out of Super Sculpey and will be placed on a fake stem with artificial leaves from other fake flowers to make it look even more realistic. It's something I've found entertaining to do and I believe it would be something that would last a long time. She's been really good to me in the past and I would like to do the same for her.
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