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How can i...?

Asked By: Anonymous
After couple of days this guy not talking to me, at last he replied. we talked but i didnt ask anymore why he didnt call. i have saked him that through sms. I thought we are ok again. so i was texting him yesterday asking him to go out. then he said he cant as he has a meeting and dont know what time will it be finished. and asked some other time? i said as you said. but im feeling a little embarrassed so i told him that since he likes playing game, it was just a game/joke asking him to go out. but he misinterpreted me. he got a little mad. i called and sent him sms that i hope our aquaintenance will not end like this coz im sure that its not our last time to see/meet each other. he called back and i explained. he said no problem and told me that so u dont want to go out with me anymore. i replied i didnt say that. before our conversation ends i said with no joke "can we go out for a beer some other time" and he said yes some other time.. Do u think i could his trust & feelings again?
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Asking out at my college?

Asked By: Mothra
I am currently going to a community college and was wondering what the best way is to ask out a girl in your class or just one you see around the campus? Also, do you think it would be weird if I just went up to a random girl at a computer in the library or wherever, sit next to her, say hi, and say we should grab some coffee? Thanks
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Boy troubles. Does he actually like me or no? Help?

Asked By: asdfghjkl;
Okay so this is pretty much a continuous from my other question but now there's more details. So this is the whole story.. So on the last day of school (The day before the break) I was at a table with a couple of my friends, and I hadn't known one of my friends liked me [We'll call him Alex]. I did notice that he would always try to be near me at the end of class and he does stare at me a lot in class. So, while we were at the table, before I came I guess my friends was going to tell me that Alex liked me. She was about to call me over but then I heard him say "NO! Don't tell her!" so when I went over we all started talking an everything then our other friend was like "You two should go out." and so I'm like "..Why?" and then he said "Because of the way you guys are acting." Before class ended Alex was like "You know I need your number." So he got it from one of our other friends. Later when I got home he texted me and we were talking for hours. Untill like 7. He had said to me "I think I like you." and the next day when we were texting he said "Actually..I do like you now." Ever since the last day of school, before the break, he would always be texting me first. Except on the 27th he texted me "Hellooo" but my phone was on silent and I texted back 13 minutes later saying "Heyy. :D" but he never texted back so I guess he was busy or something. Since he usually texts me everyday I thought he would have texted me yesterday but he didn't so one of my friends said "You should just text him, he likes it when girls he likes texts him." I did and 3 seconds later [Literally 3 seconds] he replies. My friend had also told me that Alex is a HUGE player. He went out with my other friend and had cheated on her with another girl and wen't on and off on both of them a lot, which isn't a lie. He also currently has a girlfriend, so I don't understand why he liked me. He said that when we get back to school we should kiss. I really don't know whether he likes me or if he's just playing me. I think he's just playing me rather than actually having a crush on me. What do yout think? Thanks in advance by the way. And also when he and I do text, he always acts really sweet. Saying I'm really cute and adorable. Telling me he loves me and wishes I was with him and also saying how I'm the most amazing girl ever.
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forget about it or be carefull???...................?

Asked By: ->trustn0h0e;
okay well i just started going out with this guy a few day ago. i met him because my friends introduced me to him..but yesterday i found out that one of my friends told him that they could be friends with benefits about 2 weeks ago (before we started dating) i dont know what to believe because that same friend came over to my house like 2 days before me and my bf started going out ..and she went on her myspace to check her mail and there was one inbox from my bf. i was talking to him on the phone and she said "tell him if i should show you the message that he send me" and he said "tell her no is she crazy". when my friend left, she forgot to log off and so of course i opened the said stuff like.....i had a good time with u tonight,u looked cute in your costume that i wanted to mmm you (halloween)..i wanted to do you right there..and sad i didnt get my share tonight you owe me double.._and i talked to him about what was that all about,and at first he denied it but then he said that he was just playing around but that she was getting too serious about it.he basically denied everything though. but i dny know if its true or not what he said? and then 2 weeks ago which was the homecoming and him were dancing together like the whole time (but we didnt go togeteher but we bodth already knew that we liked each other) until my so called friend came up to him annd said"hey i thought that we were going to dance?" and he asked me if i minded if he danced with her for a litle bit..i told him i guess not since we hadnt come together..but i read on myspace that he told her that he liked dancing with her and stuff like that even though he text me that he didnt feel good dancing with her.and he was asking herthe same Q's that he was asking me.after that i told him that we should only be friends and he said no that he didnt want to move on without going out with me first.he sounded honest and almost about to cry i think so i forgave him.but i still have lots of doubts in my if theyre still friends with benefits or not..i dont know if i should ask him about that or starting to trust him more but i dont know what to do.........................IF YOU TOOK THE TIME TO READ THIS THANK YOU!!....................
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Iz it cheating when?

Asked By: sexy 916
which iz cheating or which iz worse when ur girl KISSES another guy nd doesn't tell you 4 like a month or u have ur best friend stay the night ur boifriend nd his best friend u drink A LITTLE...that night nd ur boyfriend has ur best friend suck his dick while ur sleeping right next 2 him PLEEEEZ YOU TELL ME!!!!!!!! cuz my boyfriend says kissing iz worse cuz i should have told him cuz he told me the next day SO WAZ UP
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What do girls like in a guy?

Asked By: Anonymous
What makes girls attracted to a guy, what way do you like a guy to act, like flirty or mature or mysterious or just confident? What things would you like a guy to be involved in sports? cars? what? Thanks.
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how do u know if a girl likes u she petends but when u i call her we talk as bf&gf ?

Asked By: bobbylarge
when we see each other she acts as if we just for the first time
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this is pretty complicated...and hard?

Asked By: Anonymous
ok so...basically i don't have many friends that are girls, i've just always had guy friends. a problem i've had is that these guys end up liking me and wanting to be more than just friends. well right now, i have my best 3 guy friends liking me. one loves me, the other i like back, and the other is just the sweetest guy on the planet. i love each and every one of them as people and i don't want to hurt any of them. what should i do? by the way the one i like back and the sweetest guy on the planet are best friends, but i guess they don't know that they both like me.
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whats the difference between clingy and not letting a good thing get away?

Asked By: janail_boo
whats the difference between clingy and not letting a good thing get away?
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When someone tries to bring you down by making fun of you how do you not let them?

Asked By: Anonymous
Ok I had this friendship with this guy which turned into a relationship where we liked each other. Well he was at his lowest saying no girl will ever like me (cause his 1st girlfriend had left him) and I talked to him and helped him see the beauty in himself. Now take the time back to about a 1 year later he now has confidence and is making fun of me. He has girls that like him and he no longer likes me. He basically is telling me no guy will ever like me. My friends and parents say he has issues don't listen to him. He wants to rub in my face the girls he hangs out with and who he likes and I can say to some extent it does bother me. I mean I have never really felt confortable with guys because when I was in middle school guys who were in my classes all the time used to tease me. I know it's cause my nose is big. I mean when you give someone 110% and you find out it's not good enough how do you just move on and say there is nothing wrong with me
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