upgrade or keep?

Asked By: surgeshamray
would an Athlon (Windsor core) 3800 x2 (OC'd to 2526 Mhz with RAM running at about 510 ( 1010Mhz DDR2 900 OC'd) feel that much faster with an 5600 X2 (or 6000 x2) or should i buy something better then the stock cooler i'm using and wait for the K10 i mostly use processor heavy apps such as userful's Multidesktop (let's you turn one computer into 2 (up to ten but i use 2) computers that has it's own keyboard mouse and monitor) in linux and from the sound of things the phenom isn't fully baked yet and i don't want to pay good money for a decent AMD 790FX board because my ATi SB600 is fine for now so should i stay with my 3800 X2 and OC it higher and get a better cooler and wait for the K10s to mature or should get a 5600 X2 now also what's the performance hit by using a K10 in a AM2 board?
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Is Nvidia 7600GS better than ATI Radeon 9600 Pro?

Asked By: theanswersrighthere
Is Nvidia 7600GS better than ATI Radeon 9600 Pro?
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can i play bf2 and cod4 with this graphics card?

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Computer HW help 2.... need to get done now?

Asked By: Jacob D
41. A fax modem can be an external device that plugs into a port on the back of the system unit or an internal card that can be inserted into an expansion slot on the motherboard. - 1 point(s) T F 42. Light pens are ideal for areas where employees' hands might contain food, dirt, grease, or other chemicals that could damage a computer. - 1 point(s) T F
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I hit a button and my screen is all weird now?

Asked By: sparklingsnowflakes10
I was typing and I think I hit the function key and one of the Fsomethings and now everything on the screen is slightly bigger and blurrier. Help please! How do I get it back??? My computer is a Windows if that helps!
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motherboard graphic slot?

Asked By: John_Stealth
hi there can someone help me on my motherboard graphic slot it seems i got confused please click it here this is the model of my motherboard http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=ConRoe865GV&s=775 and i saw on Expansion / Connectivity slot the "AGI" not AGP or PCIE so what type of video card that i can use on this motherboard? i was planing to buy can this video card fits on this motherboard http://www.powercolor.com/global/products_features.asp?ProductID=1730 please just check those links they meant no harm i really need some help..
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I can't chose a desktop image, its seems to be locked, can anyone help me?

Asked By: Anonymous
http://img461.imageshack.us/img461/556/helpab4.jpg Thats what it looks like, I can change the color but not the image, help?
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Does laptop insurance actually help?

Asked By: usa_fox1234
I want to buy a new laptop and i have the option to buy insurance with it. It says its protected from theft so if it gets stolen they will send me a new one? How can it be that easy though? Why couldnt somebody just get insurance and tell them its stolen but it is actaully not and just get sent a free laptop?
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I bought a new 500GB hard drive but my computer only says I have 120GB available what happened to my 380GB?

Asked By: foureyes
I am running a vista. The hard drive is a Seagate 500GB.
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Why does my laptop freeze (not all the time, but often) whenever I open a video?

Asked By: Naive Boy
Most of the time(which is MAD ANNOYING!!!!), when I open a video on my laptop,the screen will flash a few times(I guess the codecs are loading???) and then, the screen will pause as if it's going to freeze, then goes blank and does not respond. How do I know it doesn't respond? Flicking the wireless switch on and off does not change the lit icon, nor does unplugging or plugging it(change the lit icon), and the hard drive icon becomes unlit(as in it's not currently working). (I actually left it on one night, to see if it'd eventually start working again, and when I woke up, it was still blank and unresponsive.) SO, I have to restart my laptop, and everything's fine until I open another video, and hold my breath, praying it won't freeze. Also, I use Combined Community Codec Pack to watch .flv files on Windows Media Player, if that helps, and this problem happens on ALL of my media players- from Real Player, to Media Player Classic, as well as Zoom Player...so I think it's a computer problem. Help would be appreciated. :)
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