how to change the HDD format from FAT32 to NTFS?

Asked By: fuad
how to change the HDD format from FAT32 to NTFS?
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Asked By: Eufan A
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I bought new speakers for my computer...?

Asked By: Anonymous
And they are not working and the reaseon why I bought new ones was because the last speakers stoped working! help! The color code light green is in the right place, Its pluged in and power is on ,and the light is on, so sound!
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How do I get my windows xp to recognize my dvdrom?

Asked By: Anonymous
Ok I have a windows xp and I instaled a dvdrom but I can not get computer to recognize it. I already tried wizard to install can't find it. I already looked under deivce manager there is not exclamation point. I uninstalled the old driver. I restarted the computer and it says no secondary driver. Please help. Then I looked under device again and the old driver was still installed.
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how much will it cost to upgrade ram to 1.5gigs?

Asked By: melvin s
i have 76.3gb
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Graphics card upgrade?

Asked By: BFG9000
I have an ATI X800pro 256MB graphics card on AGP8x. I'm planning to upgrade my graphics card and I'm between the following options, which are available to my local retail shop:SAPPHIRE ATI X1950PRO 512MB AGP RETAIL (2 years warranty) or GAINWARD 8453 BLISS 7900GS 512MB AGP GOLDEN SAMPLE RETAIL (3 years warranty). Also there are several ATI X1950XT models but they have only 256MB of RAM. What should I choose (is there any noticeable difference in their performance)? How much difference I will experience with these cards in comparison to my old graphics card?
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I need a better graphics card for WoW?

Asked By: Joe K
Hey guys, well im a world of warcraft player and my fps is like 20- 27 alot of the time. Im currently saving for a new and better graphics card so I can increase my fps so its as smooth as I can get it on my budget. Sense im only 13 my budget is limtited so I can probably spend $100 and lower on a new one. What I would like from you guys is to post a link to a good graphics card for WoW in my budget. Thank you very very much. and ps.I would like one thats pretty easy to install.
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My computer mouse won't move. Why?

Asked By: keepitsimple
I've shut down computer,waited before turing it back on...mouse just sits there...dead.
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500 Gig Harddrive?

Asked By: Anonymous
Currently i'm looking for a good 500 gig harddrive. I've seen a few but a lot of them have either a bad rating or no rating at all. Anyone recommend a good 500 gig harddrive that wont die or cause any problems? I'm talkin about an external harddrive btw!
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What is the best software to have to recover lost data?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have a portable 80 Gigabytes hard drive. Recently I accidentally erase everything on that hard drive. Therefore I want to know what is the best software to have to recovery lost data?
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