chihuahua breeding?

Asked By: angellokito
okay people i have a very small female chihuahua and a 1 year old male chihuahua i want to start breeding my ***** im very ready to start the thing is that i got the female a few days ago the ex owner doesnt know how old she is i would say shes about 6 to 7 months old how old would my ***** have to be to start breeding also at what age shes gonna shes gonna start discharging????
9 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

French Bulldog puppy food - which one is the best?

Asked By: Anu
French Bulldog puppy food - which one is the best?
5 Answer(s) · 17 years ago

Dos anyone have tips on how to house train a stubborn 2 yr old Cairn terrier?

Asked By: moose
Dos anyone have tips on how to house train a stubborn 2 yr old Cairn terrier?
4 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

I'm getting a Havanese puppy tomarrow?

Asked By: Eva
Any good "new puppy" advice for me?
7 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

My dog ate my... whats your most embarrassing moment?

Asked By: ♥Kazz♥
I have a couple of things I have had to say that were to say the least very embarrassing After my pregnancy (which I was very sick the whole way through) I had to have my teeth removed hence I now have falsies... I noticed my dog chewing something and then grimly looked at where my teeth (which were out to dry) should have been - I chased my dog around the house to retrieve them and then ring the dentist and say "My dog ate my teeth!" Just a couple of days ago she got my glasses and destroyed them so now I have to go to the optometrist and say my dog ate my glasses We got this particular dog from the Animal Welfare Centre RSPCA in Australia - she is a shih tzu X and was handed in for financial reasons by her last owners - now I know why that dog will eat anything! LOL So tell me whats the most embarrassing thing you dog ate and you had to explain to someone?
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How soon can dog get pregnant after having puppies?

Asked By: kick
Just curious to find out how long we have to get her fixed.
5 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

I have a pit bull mix who is extremely 'fearful aggressive', mainly towards dogs, but other animals as well.

Asked By: Anonymous
Does anyone in the Portland area know a great dog trainer-rehabilitator along the lines of Cesar Milan???
3 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

Does anyone know what snipy means, in terms of dog muzzles?

Asked By: plaidjaguar
I keep seeing breed standards that say a dog's muzzle should never be snipy. Does anyone know exactly what that means? I gather from context that it's probably thin, but is there an exact definition?
7 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

What is a good puppy for kids??

Asked By: Anonymous
A nice puppy for kids? I want a puppy really bad and i need to find a great puppy ( likes to go out for a walks , known not to really bite ) thanks :)
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Why is it so bad to feed your dog Human food?

Asked By: ђคภภคђ - เ l๏שє คภเ๓คlร!
My Aunt was telling me 60 years ago they never had dog food and whatever they ate the dog ate why now is it so bad for dogs to eat it?
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago