What breed of dog is this?

Asked By: Gigi
As we ALL know I just posted an EASY Contest... I already know what breed this is....BUT....It is a BIT harder.... Guess the breed and win the best answer!! GOOD LUCK!!
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does your dog take a picture with santa?

Asked By: noname
does your dog take a picture with santa?
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What kind of dog should I get?

Asked By: Lorney-Poo!!!
I live in the country and I want a dog what kind should I get? I've already had 3 blue healers and they all have ran away what's another good dog to get?...HELP!!!!
7 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

Will I be able to show my new puppy enough attention with a full time job?

Asked By: Anonymous
Me and my girlfriend just recently purchased an Italian Greyhound named Cooper. He is an amazing dog but I'm worried that he is not getting enough attention and lovin' since we both work and go to school full time. Between the two of us we are able to go home for lunch to play/feed/walk him but it feels like it's still not enough. Should I be worried about leaving him at home all day?
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16wk Beagle pup peeing in crate in the car?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hi We have a 16wk old male beagle pup. The past three times we have been in the car with him, he has pee'd his car crate. He doesn't cry or yelp in the car in fact he really likes going in the car, obviously because we are typically taking him to the beach to play. We drive really sensibly with him the car etc, I had thought possibly it was because he was excited, but we have taken him in the car since he was 8wks old so he was used to it from a young age, and until this week he has never pee'd in the car. We always made sure he pees before we go and always wait at least an hour after he has eaten. None of the journeys are long ones, we are talking 20 minutes in the car maximum. I know this might be nothing, but since he clearly didn't do this before i don't want it to become a habit. He is otherwise house trained, doesn't pee in his crate when left in the house and is sleeping 8-10 hours and night without peeing. Thanks for any help Gillian
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i need help potty training my male boston terrier?

Asked By: ryle
i need help potty training my male boston terrier?
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Is my pet dog a ghost?

Asked By: Amber T
My dog came to me after hurricane Katrina when I was looking at my crushed house. I thought it was the neighbors dog but when i went to ask them they said no. So it was so cute i took it in as my dog. Before I leave for work I lock him in my backyard. With food and water. When I got home one day..... He was gone. I thought he was jumping over the fence but it is 10 feet high! When I call him 3 times he just seems to appear behind me. But my backyard door is always locked. And he doesn't have a doggy door either..... Help me I'm really scared!!!! Is it a ghost?
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How long does it take to get AKC litter papers back.?

Asked By: mandy
How long does it take to get AKC litter papers back.?
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Since I can't sleep anyway, can you answer this?

Asked By: Katslookup - a Fostering Fool!
I know that I am opening up a can of worms, but I really want to know. What are the reasons that your dog has had or will have a litter? Is it to better the breed? Is it to make money? Is it because you feel your children should witness the miracle of life? I do not want any judgment here, I just really want to know how people think, or what people think. So, please, no sarcasm! I think the best way to educate people is to understand all of the thoughts behind why they think the way that they do. So please, be honest and not judgmental.
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Why do dogs chew bones for so long?

Asked By: Anonymous
My dog chews her bone forever! Why? It's freaking huge, but why does she do it?
3 Answer(s) · 15 years ago