Why do chicken even need to roost?

Asked By: Go girl
Is this apart of how they were in nature? How are chickens in the wild?
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when the ducks should be allowed to go to the run area from the night-shelter in a duck breeding farm?

Asked By: gouri shankar k
when the ducks should be allowed to go to the run area from the night-shelter in a duck breeding farm?
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Cockatiel bites my ears.?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have a tame cockatiel and sometimes he likes to sit on my shoulders, but he bites the hell out of my ears and it hurts really bad, but no blood. Is he trying to tell me something or does he think my ears are just chewable toys?
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what kind of bird is best for me?

Asked By: Mrs Doyle
I want to buy some birds for our avery (6'tall, 5'wide, 4'deep), but don't know what kind would be best. The birds can be as noisy as they like (the noisier the better!), they don't have to speak, or be easy to tame, as they probably won't come out over the avery at all. They also have to be reasonably easy to care for, as i've never had birds before!
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How can I get my parakeet to eat veggies like my cockatiel?

Asked By: Lyd (:
I have a 2-and-a-half-year-old male parakeet (budgerigar) named Henry, and I've recently come into possession of a female cockatiel less than 7 months of age that I've named Bindi. So far, Bindi is adapting quite well; she can be frustrated with some new changes, (like going from her cramped, but comfortable cage to a much bigger and spacier one), but she has already taken a healthy lifestyle, already allowing me, my mother, and even some of our random house guests to feed her treats by hand, (but we have yet to do out-of-cage training yet.) Anyway, Henry has always been a big fan of sweets. He loves things like fruit and sweetened bird treats like millet and cuttle bones, and it's like trying to feed a kid that will never understand what it means to eat healthier things like vegetables and (unsalted, cooked, I know the drill) meats. Bindi, on the other hand, is the exact opposite; although she loves fruits, she also likes dark green vegetables, (good for when she starts laying eggs in about a year or so), all sorts of nuts and dried up beans, and she's even eaten our Thanksgiving turkey and had a hard-boiled egg, shell and all. Another thing that I personally think might have been a huge difference in their getting used to healthy foods is the fact that Henry was store-bought, and I got Bindi at a local bird market not too long ago. Bindi came from a retiring bird breeder (in his mid-90's with a nest of new baby birds; I can understand why he couldn't take care of them) so he donated her to the National Cockatiel Society who I later bought her from. Even though the person speaking for the NCS told me that Bindi was never hand-fed all throughout her childhood, she shows much more grace in her training than Henry ever did, (unfortunately, Henry still hasn't mustered up the courage to admit that the hands that hold out food for him once a week aren't going to hurt him.) Anyway, all I'm asking is for someone who has a parakeet, or any other bird, that's really stubborn in what he or she eats, and how you got them to eat something different. Thanks!
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I need a better way of preparing my baby cockatiels formula?

Asked By: Abner S
I know the temperature but it takes too much time. I dont know if I have the proper amount of water or formula?
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my parakeet layed her first egg today and isnt siting on it for the whole nite?

Asked By: ?
wont the egg get cold and die..i understand like 10 min off the egg but the whole nite sounds deadly... hep please
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What is the cold tolerance of a Blue & Gold McCaw? ?

Asked By: Kaybee
I live in Central Florida. My neighbor leaves this poor bird outside all the time. Only sometimes does he cover him up. Tonight will be 39 degrees. Could he freeze to death? He is 10 years old and they said he has lived outside his whole life here....
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why is it wrong to buy parrots from breeders?

Asked By: Batman429
why is it wrong to buy parrots from breeders?
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How can we know the sex of birds having identical looks?

Asked By: Anonymous
How can we know the sex of birds having identical looks
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