help about parrots?

Asked By: Anonymous
thinking about getting a parrot but unsure about getting one because of how long they live and how much attention they need they are like looking after a baby (any help)
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how do i raise chickens in south carolina?

Asked By: L
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i love sammy but he is adorable can i train him not to bang at my door?

Asked By: sandras77
i live in a 55+ place and im not to have a pet but he is attacted to me. i can let him go homeless
3 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Can I introduce a new parakeet?

Asked By: pbJ
I've had my parakeet for about two or three years. It's cage is large enough for him, but I feel like he'd be happier if he had another parakeet to be friends with. If someday I decide to get a bigger cage, can I put the new parakeet in the same cage as the old one, or are they territorial like cats? I don't want to get a new bird if the old one is just going to beat it up.
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Fact, or Myth? Seagulls and Alka-Seltzer?

Asked By: Einstein
I have a pet seagull at work. He knocks on my window with his beak when he wants me to feed him. One of my fellow employees threatened to feed the seagull an alka-seltzer hidden in some food. The old story is that an Alka-seltzer will kill a seagull by making him explode. Supposedly they can't burp out the gas created by the Alka-seltzer. Anyone know if this is fact, or fiction?
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what could be wrong?

Asked By: Dezi O
I have two birds one has a nice yellow beak and white nose while the other one is gray and the nose looks dried out what could be wrong
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Question for Cockatiel owners ONLY ! =D?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have 2 Cockatiel and I love them sooo much whenever I get cole to the cage they move away :( they need time to get used to me .. anyway .. I just wanted to know is there any good toys to put in their cage the Cockatiels like ?? and is their a treat they prefer ?? is there any other training tips that u would like to share ?? Thanks !
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How do I get my Budgie to go into his cage without a fuss?

Asked By: cardy279
When we have to go somewhere, we try tp put our budgie in his cage. No matter what we try he won't go in. We have tried coaxing him in with his treat but he is to smart. How should I get him in without hurting him?
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Green Cheek Conure breeding?

Asked By: aionsen
I currently own a yellow-sided female green cheek conure. My friend owns a male green cheek conure (non colored). Would it be possible to breed the two without having to house them together? Like, occasional visits or something? Also, if they do breed, what colors would the babies be? Thanks so much <3
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Why does my sun conure keep bobbing his head?

Asked By: baby101
He is 3 months and he keeps bobbing his head,is this a bad thing?
8 Answer(s) · 14 years ago