i brought a red tailed shark this morning and its been hiding away in the tree log all day, is this right?

Asked By: Junior D
i brought a red tailed shark this morning and its been hiding away in the tree log all day, is this right?
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what is a good 5 gallon (hex)tank setup?

Asked By: crazjtk
i am trying to set up an aquarium for my dad (get him addicted too) and i would like to find a good community setup that is lower maintenance, interesting to watch, and at least somewhat flexible, so he can add fish if he wants to. (knowing him, in 6 months he'll upgrade to a 20 gallon tank) but it still needs some room for modification my dad had an aquarium when he was a kid, and he always loved: khuli loaches (possible) angelfish (not likely) tiger barbs (possible) and he has fallen in love with my upside down cats. (better than the angelfish, but still...) i understand i cant put all of these in a 5 gallon hex tank, but those are his favorites.
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tank heater for up to 100 gallons?

Asked By: Desiree
can it be used on a 10 gallon tank? we don't have a heater or the money for one yet and its the only other heater we have for a tank what would we have to set it on.its really cold in the room and house due to my allergies.the fish are already being affected by the cold temperatures please help immediately.
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Help! I forgot how to clean the tank!?

Asked By: Chael it has been like 5 years since I last had fish. I just bought 3 puffer fish and some kinda fish that is a silvery blue with black spots. It is time for the first tank cleaning and I am a bit confused. I set out a bucket of water to adjust to room temp, but do I put the dirty water in with it or do i put them in bags to adjust like i did when i brought them home or do i just put them in the new water. Also how do I clean my gravel or do i just throw it away every time?
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what do mangrove crabs eat and how to keep them?

Asked By: rocky
found in mangroves in mumbai (bombay) the crab is small and has one big claw and the other very small. it lives small barrows
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My group is like freecycle for fish!!

Asked By: jay j
My group is like freecycle for fish!!
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New pregnant Guppy bought?

Asked By: Joe B
I put the pregnant guppy in a breeder container, it has the black spot behind it. Is there any other things i should do?
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So that the fish when they die are the other way around?

So that the fish when they die are the other way around?
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can i train it?

Asked By: math htr
i have a male betta fish and on the internet i saw a guy train his fish to play with a ball do you think i could do that to my fish?,i want to train it to do something!
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Sick Betta?

Asked By: halfbrat
I have a betta that has whitish scales that have developed near it's gills, my mom says "it keeps opening and closing it's mouth, and it looks like it has white stuff on the inside of it's mouth." I think she is imagining it, so she can treat them for cotton mouth, but that medicine is not working. She will get pop eye on the occasion. I have tried Maracyn II and my mom has increased the amount salt. I am more concerned about the discoloration of the scales near the gills. I really want to know what this could be and how to treat it. Any ideas???
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