Can I Mix a 13.5 inch oscar with a bluegill and Catfish?

Asked By: Xavier J R
Catfish about 17 inches.Bluegill Just enough so it can't fit in the oscar's mouth. Catfish is wild i caught in a local pond. Right now there in seperate 120 gallon tanks, oh nd theres 2 oscars.
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heavily planting tank- live plants.?:)?

Asked By: :]
right now its still cycling and i got 2 mickey mouse platies and it just has one hide and 2 plastic plants. i plan on putting lots more fish in the tank, still mickey mouse, but i wanted to put lots and lots of live plants in the back of it. i have a light in the tank i usually leave it on till 8:30 am to 9-11pm. but is that the only care the plants are gonna need, light? they are not going to like pollute the tank or anything? i would like plastic and live plants but more live, because mine like to sleep in them:) *i dont plan on adding any live plants or fish till its done cycling thanks!
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African clawed frogs info wanted?

Asked By: elaine c
My clawed frogs are of unknown age. I got them at the pet store when they were both the same size roughly about the size of quarter. I don't have a tape measure but that is the general size. Now I discovered on the net that I should feed them amphibian sticks. Like the kind for turtles or newts. So I am feeding them the sticks and it increases their size very well. One who I think may be a female is about the size of a half dollar coin and the other one is slightly smaller. So the one large one is getting very plump. So here are my questions. 1) should I keep them in the same tank with the gouramis ( the gouramis were labeled giant gouramis at walmart and they are large and aggressive. They seem to get along well with the frogs the forgs sometimes rest on the gravel under the fish. Now I know the frogs can become fish eaters as adults but they are not currently hunting the gouramis as the gouramis dwarf them. 2) what size tank does a adult clawed and its possible children need?
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Fish tank help please......??????

Asked By: MamaK
My tank has finished cycling. How much water is it okay to take out without messing it up? And is it okay to move the gravel around? And should I change the filter cartridge.?
4 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

Can you help me figure this fishes species out?

Asked By: Ringer Dog
It is the albino version of this fish. Here are the directions to the picture: google images lemon tetra page2 first one on second line No, it is not a lemon tetra. Thanks in advance.
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Is there any species of salmon, which spends their entire life swimming upstream to spawn?

As against first going out and living in the ocean, then much later, fully grown, coming back upstream.
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how long does it take guppies to mature and how long is their life span,x?

Asked By: Anonymous
how long does it take guppies to mature and how long is their life span,x?
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filter and substrate question?

Asked By: Anonymous
i have an undergravel filter and really want to put sand in the tank along with a sea star is this possible with an undergravel filter? if so do I need to adjust anything to make it safe
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i am buying an oscar what type sud i go for?

Asked By: Anonymous
tiger,red etc?
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Question about jeweled cichlids?? Maybe Hybrid?

Asked By: Eddie C
I have three jeweled cichlids with my oscars in a 180 gal tank and I was noticing that one of my jeweled cichlids looks different then the other ones! 2 of my cichlids have black bodies and turquise jeweled spots on their body. But the other one is more of a silver color and has jeweled spots on his gills only, and this morning i watched my oscar try to pick on the different on and he instantly showed black stipes all the way down his body. Has anyone ever seen this before or know if this is maybe a different type of jeweled cichlid?
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