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how do you really know if these med. together work/equetro 200mg/seroquel300mg/seroquel100mg?

a person that has bipolar schizophrenia/ and is still very depressed
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What if you can't hear your heart anymore?

Asked By: Anonymous
Everyone says that you're supposed to listen to you heart. What if you can't hear it anymore? What if there is so much hurt, pain (physical and mental), sorrow, anger (boiling anger that won't go away), and so many emotions and feelings that you just can't listen to your heart anymore. You don't trust any judgment you make, because NOTHING seems to be the right choice.
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what do i do when my mom is constently nagging at ever ***** thing i do?

Asked By: Anonymous
she is crazy nvr stops i cant wait till i move out what do i do so she could shut the *** up
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TERRIBLY to cope?

Asked By: gal_wid_brainz
I moved to a different country last year. I am 19 and I'm feeling utterly miserable now. My parents are working in a different state and I'm studying here. I feel really lonely and I feel like I can't connect with the people I meet. At the end of the day, I always feel like something's missing. I can't be myself anymore..coz I have to ALWAYS try and look/sound like the locals coz if I don't they don't seem to accept me. I long for the familiar...ANYONE ever been through this? How can I cope?
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i cant go asleep ? anybody now ways to help?

Asked By: doritos
okay so i cant go to sleep im 15 and when i do go to sleep i dont wake up till 12 but i still dont go to sleep till like 4am anybody got tips on how to get asleep because i cant i just get caught up in a book or show and listen to music just makes me listen more and more so anybody know what esle to do
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Do the people who get starstruck when meeting famous people tend to have nervous or shy personalities to begin

Asked By: .
with? I know everyone gets starstruck when meeting a famous person, but I mean like, shaking and unable to talk type starstruck.
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I had panic attack in therapy. Did I fail therapy?

Asked By: Aislan
I have been going to counseling for a couple months for panic attacks. I originally had a student counselor and she was only there for like 10 weeks. She said I should continue therapy w/ another counselor. The new counselor is really nice I see her every two weeks. I had not slept real well for 2 nights and I was getting like twitches and I was on edge. I was thinking of not goin to the session because I felt kinda bad. At first the session was goin ok despite my jumpiness then those ackward silences started getting real loud and I had a panic attack. I know she knows I get scared of eye contact but then I saw her lookin away and I was afraid I was making her uncomfortable. She didnt say anything I think I scared her I apologized and left abruptly. this feels devastating to me like I failed. I didnt make another appointment but if I never go back the panic wins. this is how I lost all my jobs I freak out and never go back. Please I guess Im looking for comforting words idk I mean therapy is supposed to help and Im failing. Im not sure if I should at least try to end it on a positive note like at least just make an appt to go back in the room so I know I can at least do that.
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if someone is too nervous and she's shy even around people she known for years, is anything wrong with that?

Asked By: Judith W
if someone is too nervous and she's shy even around people she known for years, is anything wrong with that?
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What do you do to get over stress?

Asked By: babe07
What is something you do to get over stressful and frustrated situations or if something is really bothering you? For me personally it's swimming if I'm a little frustrated if its just one of those huge overbearing situations I bake ( cookies and cupcakes, not the other kind of "bake" lol). Anyone can answer.
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How does add lead to social anxiety?

Asked By: Anonymous
All these years I thought I had social anxiety and depression. Recently, I went to a doctor and they said I have ADD..which is causing the social anxiety, leading to the depression. So now I'm wondering how this happened. Also what I should do to unlearn the anxiety now that I'm being treated. and..Does anyone have any similar stories?
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