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Is having an anxiety attack n mania the same thing really ?

Asked By: Brookllynn ©
dontcha think =)
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I need some advice please?

Asked By: Nirvana fan
I havent slept for 2 days and i dont feel tired. I feel like i dont deserve to live one minute and then fine the next, its like i can control my emotions, i think i might need to talk to a psychiatrist but im afraid to tell my mom (im only 14) and the only time that i am relaxed is when i smoke, but i cant on the weekdays or else my grades go down, i have nobody to talk to in my life and i feel alone, when im alone i start thing wayy to much and i start to find the errors in my life, theres more but i dont want to type, wats wrong with me and wat should i do?
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I need help badly with a major problem!?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am a 14 year old girl and I've been going to my school for over a year now. There are no new people there and I've been friends with all of them since I met them (There is only an average of about 10 people per grade). But now whenever I go to school if my friends even just say hi to me, I get really annoyed (but I don't show my emotions) and I feel the urge to punch them or something. This has been going on for a few months and I don't know why I feel this way. I've also have had a very anti-social life all my life before I went to this school. Can anyone help me with this in any way?
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What would happen if you had too much Epinephrine going on?

Asked By: Brandon B
I've been told that Epinephrine "causes surges of energy. Predominant in anger." As it naturally occurs in the body, if it was overproduced somehow, would you be a really angry, really energetic individual? Or is there something that would prevent this from happening
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do people with bipolar ever isolate themselves from certain friends and not others? my friend says she needs?

Asked By: boo
space but i see pictures on facebook with her other friends. and comments about hanging out....she said i did nothing wrong but im just worried
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My little bro might have deppresion.?

Asked By: School chick Kelsey ;-D
Every night my mom and I try to put him to bed, he starts crying and says that his life is misrable. He also continues saying that he wants to go back in time. I feel so terrible for him. Does it have to do with deppresion or is it because school just started? Please help.
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Is sleeping late at night good for the body? What are it's possible effects?

Asked By: yancyvancep
I need to have the answers. Thanks.
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signs of mental retardation?

Asked By: Run_HAHA
i think my sister might be slightly mentally retarded not a joke here or autistic sometimes people will talk to her and she'll just stand there with her mouth open for almost a minute before responding she will have a panic attack over stupid things like being 2 minutes late and its really freaky she will puke when nervous and is extremly - well - nieve for her age lets just say she doesn't understand what most kids do at her age and she cannot look at a person in the eyes without cracking up or walking away is she partially mentally retartded or something?? because she does pretty ok academically but socially she's a mess
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When you do not want to go into details and someone asks.?

Asked By: sweet
What can you say besides.."I'd rather not go into that." it's painful or depressing" or whatever.....any ideas please!!!
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Are there different levels of OCD? If so what are they and how can you tell?

Asked By: Anonymous
OCD runs in my family on both sides and i want to find out if i have a slight condition. I know that there are different levels but i don't know what they are and the symptoms of slight OCD. If you know let me know.
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