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Quit my bipolar meds!?!?

Asked By: Zip8731
I been told by numerous people that since I been put on 200mg Lamictal, 60 mg or Prozac, and .5 mg of klonopin, that I have been more testy, high strung, and not laid back like i used to be. I got put on these cause I have taken every anti depressent there was except prozac. At this time though my doctor wanted me on the mood stabilzer too cause he thought i had Bipolar II. I think I was just battling depression and anxiety so I stopped everything last tuesday. I know you shouldnt do this but I do not care, Ive done way worse things to my body and survived. i believe the lamictal made my anxiety worse and me high strung and whacked out. I havent taken that in a week and feel good. Im only taking 20mg of prozac and the klonopin .5 twice a day. I feel good and more myself. Anyone have any similar experiences or comments??????
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All alone what can I do?

Asked By: coronaqt2004
I feel totally alone, I moved to Florida about a year and 1/2 ago, haven't really made any friends since I've been here since I work all the time, I met the most awesome guy whom I love dearlyppened and we are on rocky roads, I have noone to turn to for advice, I'm severly depressed and all of my friends are back home....
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How can I learn to control my emotions?

Asked By:
This happens quite a bit here recently but some of the tiniest things that shouldn't bother me at all bother me. It bothers me to the point that I'm hysterical and I end up arguing with my girlfriend over little stuff that I should just let go. How can I control my emotions and just let stupid stuff go instead of holding a grudge and acting like it's the worst thing in the world.
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what are the five stages of greaving?

Asked By: Bipolar-Bird88
what are the five stages of greaving?
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Can regular doctors write prescriptions for mental disorders?

Asked By: thunderdragoonx
Or is it only psychiatrists that can do that?
6 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Death by pills and alcohol?

Asked By: Piece
ok my friend said shes planing on drinking vodka then taking like fifty asprins and two xanaxes. what would happen would she die?
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I think I might have ADHD?

Asked By: Anonymous
I can focus alot, I'm easily distracting, i get up and walk around when im supposed to be in my sit, i interupt people when talking to them in convos, and i space out alot. should i go see a doctor?
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what are some facts about methamphetamine?

Asked By: SR71Blackbird18
what are some facts about methamphetamine?
9 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

If grown children 16 and 14 Still sleep with mother, strange problems, what will be end results?

Asked By: Darwin
My sister in law's children still sleep with mother attached like glue to her since infancy. She does all chores for them round the clock and buy things for them. Girl 14 is jealous of boy 16, and does not eat much and does not grow much either for 4 years and has sad face and looks like 10 year old very starved child. Girl is smart but try to act like very very retarted which makes both parents very upset. So she has been yelled and screamed at all day for not listning to parents. Sometime she complaints that boy get more attention then her and no one likes her. She is yelled upon all day for same mistakes she make for 4 years over and over. What can be done in this case. Every time, I suggest her to make them sleep in separate room for their personal, physical, mental and spritual growth then mother gets very upset and mad and does not like that idea, neither children want to be separated. Need advice fron psychologists, if such sleeping arrangement could be harmful
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Why is teen depression so high now-a-days?

Asked By: Momo
I've noticed so many kids my age depressed, more so then adults. Even i get sad, when i can't even explain why. Im not saying im depressed, but is there a medical reason as to why teens are so prone to depression; is it hormones?
4 Answer(s) · 16 years ago