Is it okay to wear black dress pants and a very elegant blouse to a church wedding ceremony?

Asked By: Virginia
It's been very cold these days and I can't fit into any of my dresses. =/ Any advice would be great! Thanks!
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when to renew our vows.?

Asked By: any day now
Its really early in our marriage, we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary on the 27th but i wanted to know if its better to renew vows after 5 years or 10 years. My husband thinks im crazy because ive already began getting ideas for what i want. We couldnt have a big wedding at first, and now that we can afford it i wanna go all out!!!
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Tips at the reception?

Asked By: Krissy
I'm getting married on Saturday and I want to get all my ducks in a row so to speak. I'm getting my tip envelops together and I don't know how much I'm suppose to tip the dj/bartenders/etc. I'm most concerned bout tipping the dj appropriately. Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Commitment/Promise Ring?

Asked By: treyspooner65
I am 16 and I have been with my Girlfriend for almost a year. I know some people give commitment rings and we know a couple the same age that has. What do you think is appropriate for this situation? Too early in the relationship? Too young? If you think I should, what style ring?
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Shall I get married with my best friend?

Asked By: Anonymous
I need some advice please help me! I know a guy for more than seven years. I know he loves me and he is my best friend, I can tell anything to him and I feel really good in his company. The problem is that I am not in love with him. My friends told me to marry him, as it is always better if the man loves the woman more than in the other way around. I know if I marry him, than my life would be very good. He would respect me and treat me as a princess. I always fall in love bad guys, who treat me badly. And I want a husband who is very passionate. So shall I marry now a guy who is safe but I am not in love with him, or shall I wait for the passionate guy, who might never come...?
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Our oldest daughter was just married for the second time, to a man who has never been married. We are keeping

Asked By: JJ S
our three young grandchildren (from her previous marriage). As our daughter was leaving for thier honeymoon, she handed me and envelope with almost 200.00 in it. Should we feel strange using it for needs of the children, or should we give it back? My husband recently lost his job, btw. If we don't use it, will it make our daughter and new sil feel bad?
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Mother-in-Law Help?

Asked By: Tiffany
Don't get me wrong, my future mother in law is a sweet heart, but she is currently planning my Bridal Shower and she isn't allowing anyone (my mother & bridesmaids) get involved. My mother, her, and his sister are all helping pay but she is being stubborn and wants everything to go the way she wants it to no matter what I (the bride) or my mom is suggesting. My groom, naturally, is taking his mother's side on this....what can I do to help my stress and nicely find a way to tell her that everyone needs to be involved and she needs to stop being so controling? Helpful answers need only apply. Thank you!
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Do I have to list where the reception will take place on the RSVP card?

Asked By: Learning is fun!
I am so late in getting my invitations out, and our wedding is 5/18 of this year in Vegas. Do I have to list where the reception will take place if this will depend on the number of people that attend? We can afford to spend more with less people in attendance. Can I just put, "reception to follow."
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Wedding RECEPTION in Southern California?

Asked By: Cammie
I need reception SITES so badly!!!! We already had our ceremony, now it's time to party. We live in southern Ca. The south Bay, actually, if you are familiar with the area. We are looking at February/March of next year for an affordable (read: $3,000-$6,000-MAYBE slightly more...) reception venue. We want to have our own catering, a dance floor, and that's about it... AFFORDABLE ideas please of WHERE I can do this. Links appreciated. I just really need some help here! :D
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Women-wanna know a way to help your man become a millionaire?

Asked By: Learning is fun!
Marry him when he´s a billionaire.
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