Always a bridesmaid never a bride?

Asked By: katiebear152
I WISH! I dont even get to be a bridesmaid. I hooked up my friend with my boyfriends best friend. Theyve been dating for a year and he just proposed! Im so excited that my match making worked out, and my boyfriend has been asked to be the best man. But I wasnt even asked to be in the bridal party. I guess Im just surprised, not because I feel like I deserve it because I hooked them up, but because we are really close and I just assumed that she wouldve asked me... I guess its true that you know what happens when you assume! I dont know, I guess Im just kind of upset that were not as close as I thought we were. Do you think I should mention it or just let it be and suck it up?
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great places to get rings?

Asked By: Chesney
Ok, budget is no more than 250. I've been to bluenile, are there any places that would have engagement rings more affordable...not ebay or craigslist either. credit cards are not being used ...
6 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

difficult question can anybody answer?

Asked By: hot*stuff
i just found out my parents wont be involved with my wedding i just got engaged 3 weeks ago tomarrow.they say its a waste of money and time. im not sure how i should go about planning it now kinda confused how everything should work now does anybody have any ideas or have been in a situation like this? btw the reason they wont is i live with him now and they are very religous people and dont believe in living together before marrige.
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Stationary for a invitation?

Asked By: cloulou
I'm doing a online invitation for my Grandparents 50th Anniversary. I need a Free background for the invitation But don't know what website to go on??? Want something Beautiful and GOLD.....
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Do people really elope anymore?

Asked By: snowbird
I'm sure some do, really, but don't most couples do it just because it's easier than having a wedding? And/or because they think it's romantic? I knew of a few people who really eloped and got married (and their parents pretty much disowned them for it), but most of the time when I hear of people "eloping", they didn't really truly elope... so what's up with that? (Sorry if my question seems dumb.)
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how can i get a divorce without knowing my ex's current address?

Asked By: jsnow718
I have been separated from my ex for over 15 yrs. I have tried to locate him by contacting his family and no one wants to answer. I would really like to get my divorce this coming year. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
9 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

How do I re-propose to my fiancee?

Asked By: Anonymous
To make a long story short, we were kinda in an argument and when we started talking again, I laid next to her in bed and gave her the ring.
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I'm a crocs-aholic! How crazy would it be for me to wear crocs for my wedding?

Asked By: Anonymous
I own 2 pairs of crocs in navy for my jeans and dressier khaki ones. I also own a pair of red Wal-Mart "crocs". How crazy would it be for me to sport a pair of white crocs for my wedding day? standard white crocs: white prima:
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centerpieces for her friends wedding reception tables?

Asked By: kirstin
My friend is getting married this summer and I am one of the bridesmaids. Last week she complimented a centerpiece I made, and asked me to help her select the centerpieces for the reception tables. Then later we spoke on the phone and she mentioned the centerpiece, so we talked over some ideas that she likes. I volunteered to help her set them up on the tables. While on the phone, she hollered to her fiancé that I was going to get the centerpieces for them. Then she asked me if I could email her some pictures of the types we talked about. I thought nothing of it, since I want to help her, so I found some ideas online and sent her some pictures of the types she prefers. She replied back with the option she liked and asked me to please "purchase them soon". ...I don’t mind picking them up, and setting them up. However I feel like she wants me to purchase all the centerpieces. I want to help her, but this is going to be expensive. Is this a normal request?
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I need some help to find the perfect dress. Help?

Asked By: ☼ Lecanto Panther ☼
I really want to find a lace fishtail wedding dress. Does anyone know where I can find one?
4 Answer(s) · 12 years ago