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What are the chances that I am pregnant?

Asked By: Lelly
I know I need to take a HPT and I plan on it but I have a question. Okay I started my last period on October 6th. I had sex on October 13th. According to ovulation calculators I have done online I wasn't fertile until the 16th and I would have ovulated on the 20th. The guy I had sex with didn't finish inside me but we also didn't use protection. I was supposed to start my period on the third and it is already the 12th. So even though I was not supposed to be fertile and he pulled out before ejaculation what are the chances that I am pregnant? I also have to add that I have been 1-2 weeks late before and not been pregnant. and the 3rd is just an estimate of when I was supposed to start.... That is what the fertility calculators online said.
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Morning After PIll/Abortion Pill?

Asked By: angela10angel
Why is it that no one seems to be able to understand the difference between the morning after pill and the abortion pill? They are two VERY different things. The morning after pill WILL NOT terminate a pregnancy, if you are take it too late and are already pregnant NOTHING happens. It is simply a high dose of birth control pills to make it as if you were already taking the pill when you had sex. If the sperm still manages to get to the egg, you are still pregnant. The abortion pill is something totally different. Why is it that people actually seem to REFUSE to beleive this?
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Im 38 weeks pregnant,just wondering how long after you give birth can you start going to the gym?

Asked By: Kristine M
Im 38 weeks pregnant,just wondering how long after you give birth can you start going to the gym?
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What are the "signs" that baby is ready for table food?

Asked By: girly
By table food I mean the things my husband and I eat (spaghetti, grilled chicken, hamburgers, green bean casserole...) My 10 mo old baby eats the jarred baby food but practically nothing else. I have been told that there are "signs" that baby is ready...what are they?
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Is It Ok To Not Start Yet?

Asked By: MommyOf3Buttercups
Is It Ok If I Have Not Started Feeding My 6 Month Old Baby Food Or cereal Yet? She will Be 7 Months On The 22nd.My Doctor said we could Start her on Baby Food when we seen him last and she was almost 6 Months.We Tried It recently But she has yet to take Any interest in it and Just spits it out and does not seem to want anything to Do with it.She does not want to open her mouth the second time and will make A gag sound,I assumed this meant she was not ready for it yet But Is this wrong? Is it Ok To Wait Another Month Or so And Try again Instead? could The Gag Mean her Gag reflex Has not went away yet? She still Gags like that A lot just from taken her bottle even if it hits the right spot on her tongue.
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My mother-in-law HATES that I enter "her grandchildren" in beauty pageants...?

Asked By: Anonymous
What can I do to tell her to back off?
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period cramps vs early pergnancy pains?

Asked By: Anonymous
i know they are almost too similar to tell apart, i was just wanting to know if you noticed any difference at all between the 2, my period was meant to start yesterday or the day before, i am ttc at the moment and am all to aware that it can still show up at any time, so am trying my hardest not to read to much into it. so i am not going to be testing until either tomorrow or saturday (as long as my period doesnt start between now and then) i have had some slight cramping starting on the 15th, they are just little cramps they start and last about 5 or 10 mins then go away. thank in advance x
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everyones opinion on abortion pleaseeee?

Asked By: Mandy A
im 16 , & i would never want to have an abortion but what if the boy tellls me to get an abortion.. yeah im already pass the fact that he doesnt care about me but im pregnant & that meens ive been a mother for 7 weeks alredy it feeels crazyy , but why wuld i keeep a baby that the father dont want... opinions please
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how do you know your level of Hcg.................?

Asked By: Deana
does your doctor tell you how do you know
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Pain in pelvic area during first 8 weeks of pregnancy?

Asked By: Chris H
My girlfriend is in around her 8th week of pregnancy and she is having really bad pains in her pelvic area. She said the pain is different from cramping and hurts a lot more. Shehad a miscarriage 4 months ago. What is the meaning of all of this?
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