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i took a pregnancy test this morning and within 3 secs i have two dark lines so it was positive!?

Asked By: mommy of 1
my question is can you get a false positive? I been having signs getting little cramps for over a week and headaches, tiredness,moody a bloated. Ive been trying for over a year thanks no neg comments back....
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i found out i am pregnant......?

Asked By: gemini_girl
ok so i find out i am pregnant and then i have some horrible stomach i no longer have nauseousness in the morning( none what so ever)....there is no bleeding but could it be a miscarriage
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do you think im pregnant?

Asked By: Anonymous
ok so ive only had sex twice... once with a close friend but it wasnt verylong his mom came home. then once with this older guy...=/ i made a huge mistake & i regret every moment of it but period is really late & im nervous. im only 17 & ive only done it twice so could i be prego? i mean its not like he ejaculated inside me so shouldnt i be fine? idk im so confused & scared please helpp!!
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Teen Girls . Help Please?

Asked By: SmiileToday
okay so i really wanted to make some boards where teen girls can do everything that they want to do! - we have fashion boards; fashion contests and everything else. - plus you can meet people and interact with other teen girls from all over and have e friendships. - we will have tons of contests where you can actually win prizes! like itunes gift cards (no personal info needed!!- we just give you the activation code :) - need advice? well here you can give and get advice! (just like on Y!A) - and for all of you inspiring writers you can post your stories on here and get feedback from other teens on the forums! - plusss you can talk about things like music, your favorite tv shows, celebs, beauty and everything else! and theres tons more so please join it takes less than 30 seconds to join! if you join please tell me your user name and then start posting!
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extreme pregnancy sickness?

Asked By: aricaevelyn8707
I am about 7 weeks pregnant and instead of having morning sickness i have it all day long i try to eat and i just throw up now its gotten to the point the idea of food makes me sick i dont know what to do
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Do you like the name "Nasheeta" for a human baby?

Asked By: Anonymous
Do you like the name "Nasheeta" for a human baby?
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Could I get pregnant?

Asked By: Anonymous
I had sex the other night and he just came on my vagina but not inside and then we started having sex again but without protection. Should I get plan b?
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My 3 month old has difficulty with bowel movements, sometimes we are up much of the night due to pains.?

Asked By: noshock
He is breasfed only and I have eliminated dairy from my diet. We have tried mylicon, acidophilus and gripe water. He strains to make a bowel movement unitl he is exhausted and goes back to sleep for 1/2 hour or so then wakes again.
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Could I be pregnant?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm 2 weeks late on my period....I took a pregnancy test on the day I was SUPPOSED to said negative...I did have unprotected sex with my b/f during my last cycle..I usually have pretty normal periods..I've been feeling bloated maybe I'm gonna start soon. But, could I be pregnant? When should I take another test to be sure?
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hi as ive said im preg what boys name would be right?

Asked By: Gillian C
hi im hopin its a boy im havin cz i wana put his dads name in it somewhere either as his first name or middle any suggestions 4 him the dads name is james so wat wud go james ? or ? james?????? help
9 Answer(s) · 13 years ago