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I need reassurance, U/S appt. tomorrow?

Asked By: Nadia has arrived! 05-21-09
Hi im 17 weeks pregnant, and I have my U/S tomorrw and I hope they can find the gender. But, every time, before I go to the doctors I get soooo nervous, I'm always scared that something is going to be wrong and I get soooo scared. Oh yea hes going to give me the "down syndrome" results too... I dont know why I feel like this everytime...does anyone else feel like this before their appt???
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What are the risks of no maternal weight gain during the third trimester?

Asked By: ene elle
I am 32 weeks pregnant and have not gained any weight during the last 6 weeks. I lost 1 lb during the last 3 weeks. I am eating normally. Besides commute to and from work, care of home & 4 other kids I'm not very active. Blood pressure, urine, sugar, & fetal activity are all normal. I've gained 24 lbs overall. I'm measuring 34 weeks. I find it strange OB seems to not be concerned. This is my 5th pregnancy. I gained steadily throughout all prior pregnancies.
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pregnant and my boyfriend wants an abortion!?

Asked By: Anonymous
okay so im 18yrs old and my boyfriend is19yrs. i recently found out that im pregnant. in the beginning he was telling me that he would do whatever he could to support us, even if that meant getting two more jobs. now all of a sudden hes telling me that we are not ready to have a baby right now, and he wants me to get an abortion! he knows im against abortions, but at the same time i feel bad. i don't want him to go through this if he REALLY doesn't want to. but then again i don't want to kill my baby and i wouldn't be able to live knowing my kid is with another family with an adoption! im so sad and confused i don't know what to do. if we do end up keeping this baby do you think we will be able to afford him/her and our selves? we live in california. i don't work right now, but i will do anything in order to keep my baby. how can i convince him to just forget about this abortion? please any help would be great!
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hiccups during pregnancy.?

Asked By: Denise F
i have been getting the hiccups for about a week now..just wondering if this normal during 17 weeks..
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name help?!?!?

Asked By: Anonymous
okay im righting a story im not having a baby... anyway i need a name that you can nickname a tot zo or zuzu (both pernouced zoo and zoo zoo) but its a nickname for the tot it wont be his real name thats what i need your guys help for. i kinda want it to be 'IZU' something. something like izumo or izumi or something but not one of those two. plz and thank you!? at one point the characters are talking "he has a kid?" Hana asked. "Yeah ZuZu's a good kid," he answered. "ZuZu?" Hana laughed. "It's not his real name we just nicknamed him that, his name is ______" the man responded. but that's only an idea how that conversation goes. but i added it in the question to help... understand alittle more
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Why are people getting pregnant at a younger age?

Asked By: lyzz_op5
I have noticed that as time progresses, more and more people are getting pregnant much sooner. The High School in northern Indiana also has a sex education class and the percentages are still high and rising. I graduated last year from that school with 10% of the class pregnant or already have children. The junior class this year has a 20% of pregnany or already have children?!?! Is there any other places out there that notice the same thing I do? If so where and do you know the percentages? Are they rising or decreasing? Is the school doing anything about it? Obviously the sex education class is not working for my old High SChool.
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Baby rash on her nose and upper lip?

Asked By: Anonymous
She just started crawling a few days ago, but neither of us remember her doing a faceplant on the carpet. Could this be a symptom of teething or something else?
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Teens: Random survey just for fun? :)?

Asked By: Anonymous
Haha, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. 1) Your name: 2) Why the adolsecent section? 3) Does it keep changing from Teen and Preteen to Adolescent for you? 4) You you ask more questions/answer more? 5) Have you seen me around? 6) Your fave TV shows? 7) Most embarrassing moment? 8) New years resolution? 10) Cats or dogs?
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cute nicknames?

Asked By: Fallon Catherine
ok i have 2 questions. know these 2 questions are totally different but.... what are some good nick names for the name fallon? other than fal fal and what is the meaning of the word/picture sun?
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When will my 8wk old son become ticklish? ?

Asked By: Anonymous
I try to tickle his chubby little stomach and all he does is stare at me with one eyebrow raised. lol
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