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Is it safe to try and conceive again?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hi everyone! I found out I was pregnant on November 15th and I had a miscarriage. It was very very early and it broke my heart. I really want to start trying again and I haven't bled now for 5 days. I started bleeding on November 27th and it was like a normal period just a bit heavier. So I am wondering if it is safe to try again. My hormones are down to zero again and I feel like emotionally this is what I want to do. Is it safe now to try again even though it has only been about 2 weeks? Thanks everyone and sorry for the gross details.
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Top 3 favorite names from the list?

Asked By: Anonymous
BOYS Jason Chase Brandon Clayton Jayden Connor Duston Jackson Jacob Jeremy Kevin Bradley Mitchell Nathan Logan Spencer Trevor Brody Troy Tyler GIRLS Nicolette Rory Tory Kaitlyn Kristin Dana Gabriella Heidi Isabella Jessica Laura Lori Lauren Leslie Maddie Mandy Mercedes Morgan
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When did you stop having sex while you were pregnant?

Asked By: Sarah
I know that in normal healthy pregnancies, sex is acceptable up until your water breaks. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and still feeling pretty good. This is my first pregnancy and I'm lucky that it has been a breeze. For those of you that have had children when did you become self aware that past a certain point it may be a little awkward? When was that point, how far along were you when you said to yourself, "This just seems weird, like I'm being watched because the baby is right THERE"?
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My 4 year old son says he swallowed a penny..He thinks its stuck in his throat..What do i do?

Asked By: marcirae18
My 4 year old son says he swallowed a penny..He thinks its stuck in his throat..What do i do?
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Ok be honest with me..?

Asked By: Anonymous
Just for kicks and giggles, do you find my opinions offensive? If so, how do you feel that I can express them more kindly?
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How likely is it that our baby would have down syndrome?

Asked By: Anonymous
ok, my girlfriend is 6 and a half weeks pregnant. She claims she has a down syndrom trait in her family. But none of her immediately family has down syndrome. None of my family has it either. how likely is it that our baby would have down syndrome? thank you for your time
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Blowing in my babies mouth to blow her nose?

Asked By: Icey
My baby will be 4 months old on 12/30/2009. When can i start blowing in her mouth and snot come out? Her nose is always stuffing and you can her that she needs to blow her nose, but when I do it nothing comes out. It just takes her breathe away. How old will she be when I can blow in her mouth to blow her nose?
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Prenatal massage covered by health insurance?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm about to be 27 weeks pregnant and I really need/want a prenatal massage. Right now my health insurance (united health care) is currently closed & so is my ob/gyn's office, so I figured I'd ask on here--Do you or have you heard of prenatal massages being covered by your health insurance? I have United Health care to be more specific. Even if it's not, I would get one anyway, but hey, if I could save money, why not ask, right?
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Is 171 beats a min normal for a 11week old fetus? also can you predict the gender by the heartbeat?

Asked By: shhhhh123
is there any websites i can find that information? Just had an ultrasound and i am curious
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I had unprotected sex in pool, is there a chance i could be pregnant?

Asked By: Shawti_xx
Last night, me and this guy im dating had sex in his pool , it was unprotected cos it was a spur of the moment thing, im not sure if he ejaculated in me but when i got out of the pool for the next hour, this gross runny/gooey stuff was coming out of me, even after i went to the toilet. Is there a chance i could be pregnant and if you have any info or anything on unprotected sex in pools then please let me know. If i end up geting preg then i dont think i will keep it as i am only 17 and my parents would go CRAZY !! Thanks for your help :)
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