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Please help, my daughter has a lump..?

Asked By: melski
My nearly 6 month old daughter has a lump on her thigh her last needles were when she was nearly 8wks old, and she has a needle in hospital in October. About a week ago a HARD size lump appeared dr's weren't sure what it is she had an ultrasound yesterday. It has no blood flow, and is 2and a half cms by 1 and a half cm's. It is fixed and hard. What could this be? The dr thinks it's from her last injections but it just came up and they were over three months ago. The one at the hospital was in october. There's no bruise, mark, bite ect just a painless hard lump. If it's from needles why is it so big, and why did it just come up? How long do you think it will stay there for? she's been sick on and off so I hope this isn't anything more, poor bubs. She just had her 4month needles ( she needed to catch up cos of being sick) but not in the same spot and there's no bruise or lump there. Thanks any help will be appreciated
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Can I do this ?

Asked By: ♥It's a boy♥
My husband bought me a bath set and I and I was wondering if it was OK for me to use it while pregnant? I remember hearing somewhere that the perfumes it can cause infection or something. It is a milk bath set.....please help.I wanna take a bath soon.Lol.
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Why do so many females here think they just got pregnant?

Asked By: Anonymous
Seems like every other question is from some one who is worried that they just got pregnant? When did they have time if they are on here asking questions all day? Don't they know what causes it? Gezzz..what ever happened to buggy rides, taffy pulls, and chaperones?
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more baby names?

Asked By: trpt110ny
I had a few other names pop to my mind.. ~ i found out today it's a boy!~ so here are the names..tell me what you think. Boys: Clayton Andrew - i'd call him either drew or clay..i dont know.. Jude Andrew - i'd call him Jude Anthony Cohen- i'd call him Anthony Eric Jay - i'd call him Jay tell me what ya think.. i personaly love Jude Andrew and Clayton Andrew
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Anyone use goats rue to increase milk supply? How long hoew much did it increase per session pumping? ?

Asked By: Anonymous
Anyone use goats rue to increase milk supply? How long hoew much did it increase per session pumping? ?
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I asked this the other day but maybe there's some people on now that actually know?

Asked By: ஜBECஜ ~Mama to Lucy & bump~;_ylt=An.PjA1ML8y7zgXaz3oV8cjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20071022233044AA939U3
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easter basket ideas?

Asked By: Anonymous
my grandmother is filling an easter basket for my 7 month old cousin... she wants to know of any ideas you guys might have for it?
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This or That!? Baby names!!!?

Asked By: Danielle
Julie or Julia Katie or Kate Ellis or Aleace Brooke or Brookie Paola or Paula Lauren or Laura Jett or JP Greg or Gregory Aaron or Alex Quinten or Brad Brad or Bradley Graham or Charlie Mitch or Joe
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Four year old does not answer his bedroom door when parent knocks. What would you do.

Asked By: Anonymous
Four year old boy sent to time out in his room. He invites his 2 year old sister to join him in his room and then locks the door. Parent knocks on door and he doesn't answer. Instead, his sister who is in there with him goes to open the door. He then stops his sister and says to her, "You'd better not unlock the door or I'll be very angry with you". She then relents and backs away from the door. When parent repeats the knocking 3 or 4 times, he repeats that he does not want parent in there and tells sister not to open the door. How would you interpret this behavior and what would you do if you were the parent?
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What can a hammer NOT do...?

Asked By: Kpanda
We were discussing the many things a hammer can be used for in study hall and we have yet to find something it can't do. Can you?
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