Teen sneaking out at night?

Asked By: kbatteiger
I have a 14 yr old who is sneaking out at night and I need a door alarm that will not only go on the front door but also my sliding glass door and her window. I would like one where you would have to put a code in and something that is really loud to scare the S**T out here when it goes off. The most important thing is that it can't have a delay on it. If anyone could recommend some good ones and also give me a site where I could see them for my self. i need to buy this ASAP.
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Can you get pregnany with out sex?

Asked By: ☆Adusia.
I missed my period. I was throwing up. But I didn't have sex. What could it be?
10 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

Question about the "Rate me" and "How do I look" questions?

Asked By: Anonymous
If you've ever answered one... Do you just lie to help that person build confidence? Or do you keep it real? Because I keep it real. :] I think if they have the guts to put that kind of question up they should know the truth. Am I right??
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I don't understand why people are all on his side?

Asked By: Anonymous
There was this guy i asked out and he made a joke out of it and got his friends to text me and basically tricked me into thinking he liked me and i even developed feelings for him. I found out it was a trick when his friends told me and i was so mad i swore and sent abusive messages. Anyway, after i while, i started going back to the store (i ignored him and he did not serve me) but i soon got banned because he lied to the manager and said i was stalking him! And now all his friends-even some people i knew from school hate me because they think i am a ***** and that i deserve it! But i did not do anything wrong? I don't understand what i have done?
4 Answer(s) · 12 years ago

ok i need help can u help me????

Asked By: laylay♥
i am doin this report on the star spangled baner and i have 2 put pictures for the words for- O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? wat picture should i use for that little section of words and plz tell me where 2 find that picture>>>thnx
8 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

i need advice? do you think i need to get over..?

Asked By: Anonymous
do i need to get over boys and focus on my life and just have fun being with my girl friends? we're 13. i am so boy crazy right now that i tend to forget that i have a life.
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whats a high from tripple c's like?

Asked By: Anonymous
i was thinking of doing it but what will happen
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Am i a bad daughter????

Asked By: Anonymous
My mom has been a single mom since i was born (early pregnancy) she is the BEST mom anyone could imgine. she has found a person that she is interested in, i really want to be happy for her but for some reason i just cant handle her having a boyfriend. Am i a bad daughter by doing that????? this is really serious to me!!! is there a reason that i feel this way
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I think I like my sister. What should I do?

Asked By: kylekincaid13
I'm a year older than her she's 16 and I 17. We like each other. Not the regular bro sis way. What should I do?
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Only 20 more days but it seems like forever?

Asked By: Anonymous
When I was a freshmen last year, there were four seniors that I idolized and loved and they knew all about it and would try to be extra nice to me. They're all at college now, but talk to me every so often. They encouraged me loftily last year to keep in touch, and I think it's easier for me to talk to them when we're not face-to-face, because I got too nervous when we would. I've been really good without them this year, but now that they're due to come home soon for Thanksgiving, it seems like I haven't seen them in years! It's kind of like the home stretch right now; if I can just wait about 20 or so more days, I'll see them. It seems unbearable. Should I email them telling them I can't wait to see them? What could I say that wouldn't seem to clingy, but would get the message across that I miss them TERRIBLY?
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