Is it possible that the power of God can change sexual orientation?

Asked By: Kacey
I am 14 and already know I am attracted to girls. I cry about this so often because I know that this is not the way god wanted it to be. And I can't tell my parents/friends because I'm afraid they would like disown me. I will eventually have to let my parents know though. They both have strong relationships with the lord- which I don't have- but i want to! and im going to try to build one. My question is, is it possible that God can make me attracted to guys? Like if I get strong christian help and read god's word and build a relationship with him and try to follow him and pray as often as possible?
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Does this make me a bad kid?

Asked By: BarbieDollie
im 14 now. but ever since i was little me and my friends would always throw stuff at people cars and property.and we would break it. i've been in trouble with the police a few times,but i've never been arrested. i have stolen alot.and i've been in a few fights. i am a virgin and ive never done anything sexual.but i makeout alot,like in school even when hall moniters yell at me.but i dont get into that much trouble at school surprisingly. i smoke,yea.but i have never smoked weed and i dont really plan on it.i dont think i'll ever do drugs either. i never listen to my parentals.and they're the ones calling me a bad thats kinda why im asking this.
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please help i dunno what to do?

Asked By: christina s
ok i met this guy a while back and i like him and he likes me but we dont want to be together.(i no its weird) but im going over there friday and we plan on doing some stuff but, hes 2 years older than me and way more experianced but i dont want to make a mistake what if i get prego or something.please help no rude coments
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Are girls supposed to bleed their "first time"?

Asked By: Anonymous
She's bleeding a lot... It's been happening for the past few days little by little. It started around the time we did it.
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why do people ?

Asked By: shelby
think i'm so young!? i'm 15. i'm in the 10th grade. people i haven't seen in a long time or people i'm meeting are always like "so what grade are you going into this year? you must be going into 6th" everyone thinks im 10 hahaha. it sucks. what can i do to look older?
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If u found ur 12 year old son in a lip lock with his girlfriend what would u do? Would u be mad?

Asked By: Anonymous
If u found ur 12 year old son in a lip lock with his girlfriend what would u do? Would u be mad?
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Hi.......ppl that aren't afraid to answer!!?

Asked By: babynam2
Hi i'm 13 f pa!! wat are some of ur ASLs?!?!? (age sex location)
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Would you forgive your friend if they... ?

Asked By: Just Here
Told you that they were abused. And you thought it was a very serious situation so you took it upon yourself to help her by telling a trusted adult (like you're always told to do) and after investigation you find out it was a huge hoax put on by your friend and a bunch of other people. And now you've wasted the trusted adults precious time and you look like an idiot. Is that forgivable. Because I'm sooo pissed.
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What do you think of thirteen year olds dating?

Asked By: Anonymous
What do you think about 13 or 14 year olds going out to movies or holding hands. Thanks!
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what do i do? will choose best answer?

Asked By: Anonymous
ok, so my friends boyfriend just dumped her. it was a long relationship and she really did love him. she's broken now. she's pretty much been crying her eyes out for the past 2 days. i don't know what to do or what to say....i need help what can do to make it better. the worst part is, i just moved, as in, we are now states what the heck can i do? what should i say?
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