Why do some people...?

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What is it about this age where we feel the need to put together a house with no sweets? A house where are kids are literally on a diet from day one? Has no one heard the phrase “eat in moderation?” It seems like everyone is going through a phase where we are so obsessed with obesity that we are taking it to the extreme. Yes, I believe kids don’t need to be eating sweets 24/7 or drinking chocolate milk with every meal but people (and I’ve heard children saying it now) “don’t want their kids to get fat?” I just cannot believe all these people--what kind of an image do you think that sets for a child? For the record, no I don’t give my kids candy every time we go out. No, I’m not overweight and neither are my children. I don’t ever remember watching what they eat--but I do make sure my husband and I eat in moderation and provide them with healthy snacks and food. I guess for me I just don’t stress every time I go to the grocery store just to make sure my kids “don’t get fat.”
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how do you take care of 5 kids while you have the flu ?

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i have: two 13 yr. old boys, one 7 yr. old girl, and two 11 month old babies
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I just came home from takin an exam and this little kid across the street was beatin on his door but nobody was answering. I got out the car and asked "are you aight, man?" and he told me that his parents aint home... now i've seen 3 other kids at this house but I've never seen him before. I asked him whats his house number and I'd call on my cell to see if someone was inside, but he was missin the last number. It's kinda cold outside, too cold for a little kid to be sittin out there so I asked if he wanted to come to my house till his parents came home. He nervously said yes, but when I was unlockin my door I could tell he was scared and I can understand that since he's so young and kids is taught not to talk to strangers. I told him if he's scared to come inside he doesn't have to, but I'm not gonna do anything to him and he decided to sit on his porch... but like I said its kinda cold out there, so what should I do???
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How old are people using this? Just curious...?

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How old are people using this? Just curious...?
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Isn't this cruel to say to someone?

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My younger brother is a woman-beater, & he punched my twin sister in the stomach so hard that she had a miscarriage, so my older brother's girlfriend's mom got upset because my twin sister didn't take my brother's girlfriend home from bible class, & the girlfriend's mom said, "Don't you think that's a GOOD thing your younger brother punched the baby out of your stomach? Because you can't even take good care of the one you got!" At least my twin sister was grown & married. This woman had 3 kids back to back as a teen-ager & ENCOURAGED one of her daughters (my brother's girlfriend) to drop out of high school. So, what kind of parent is she?
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does a 20 year old girl have to have a myspace?

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do you
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Was I wrong to beat up my 20-year-old daughter's boyfriend?

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I found out they had $ex at his apartment. I waited outside his workplace and beat him up. I believe any man who wouldn't do the same to a guy who defiled his unmarried daughter isn't a real man.
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13,13,13!!!!! I have a 13 yr old son who 4 the most part is good, but lately he has been sooooo?

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destructive i mean its unbelievable. He tears things up, not in a spiteful way but more like a 5 yr old way, broken rakes and brooms outside, little pieces of paper ect...torn up and left wherever. gutters off house and flattened candy wrappers lots of them on my front porch he leaves everything out wether it be bikes or food drink pitchers bread not wrapped back up chips a whole bag left the last place he had them wide open getting stale. i know it does not sound too bad but i havent even scraped the surface.when i ask him about it hes like oh sorry or i forgot or i dont know why my screen is in the neighbors yard.i dont know how 2 handle this. taking stuff away does not help...please any advice would help
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how can you stop a grandparent from interfering with everything?

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okay here's the story, i love her but she goes out of her way to do things that i don't think is right. first she want's my child to call her mama and call me by my first name. then she started making these plans to just take my child on a vacation, i told her no cause she's really not able to be with my baby for a long time, she really can't hear or see well at all. when i tell her that she can't she tells me that she's going to take him anyway. i want her to be involved but still i don't need her to take over. and then she want's the baby to sleep in her room when i told her no that the baby can stay in the room with us she got mad. when she does this she call's everybody in the family and tells them these lies. it's really starting to put a strain on my relationship with my man cause it's his mom and i don't feel like she has the right to disrespect me. i really do want her to be around however i'm still mom and she needs to just be a grandparent.
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