Will my present condition be a problem for me to get pregnant?

Asked By: LeScorned
I'm just a week late. I've had several false alarms that I was pregnant, then my period came. Prior to this, I've had regular pain that goes down to my anus. Mom says my womb is low and I'm forced to lie down with my legs up to relieve the pain. This is usually after some heavy lifting. I haven't been taking care of firming my belly after my first two pregnancies. If God wills, i'm pregnant, this will be no. 3. Is my condition dangerous for pregnancy?
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I dont know if i have a cyst or ectopic pregnancy?

Asked By: concerned
I went to the ER 2 days ago. I did a urine test at the dr that morning and was negative. They did a blood test at er and said i was pregnant but was ectopic. I would only be approx a week or 2 pregnant. Then they told me on my ultrasound it was something on my right ovary and they sent me home and go back to dr tomorrow. What could it be? Could i have a normal pregnancy and still have a cyst on my ovary? I had bad abdominal pains. I still have some pains but not crucial. Please any advice... Im so nervous...
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Can I Get Some Preggo Reassurance?

Asked By: Due April 29th with a boy!
Im 8 weeks and very excited, its just that i got myself addicted to Y!A and now im paranoid about miscarriage. i know statistically 80% carry to full term, i just want someone besides my friends to make me feel better lol...anyone else?
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Could you get pregnant if you had sex a week before your mentrual?

Asked By: $êêk¡ñg thè åñswërs
Could you get pregnant if you had sex a week before your mentrual?
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your thoughts on choosing to be induced?

Asked By: Allison S
Im due to have my 2nd son on November 4th. I also have a 2 year old son that will be 3 on Halloween that is not in daycare. I work 9-5 Mon-Fri and my husband works 4pm-1am Mon-Fri. He is allowed to take a 1 week vacation on Nov 9th. I will not start my maternity leave until i absolutely have to. I am so worried about going into labor while my husbands at work and i having to drive myself to the hospital and it being just me and my son. Also, being due so close to my sons birthday, im trying to avoid them having the same birthday at all costs. Also, i would hate to miss his birthday party. My question is, if you were in my situation, would you ask for an elective induction? i would like to have it done either on the 24th (friday) or the 1st(Saturday very early morning) so that if my husband cant take off for work, he will be able to be there the whole weekend up until monday at 4 when he has to be at work. And I will hopefully be able to be out of the hospital and at home by monday afternoon. My mother thinks this is a selfish thing for me to do because she is a firm believer in the "let him come when he's ready" idea. I would feel the same way to if this was my first pregnancy but since thats not the case, i would elect for an induction. Any ideas or experiences with being in this situation?
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I have missed 3 Birth Control Pills in the last 2 weeks...?

Asked By: Lindsey G
I have been on the pill since I was 16 (I am 20 now) and I am now in a serious relationship with my boyfriend. I never ever forget to take my pill...but for whatever reason, it's happened 3 times in the last 2 weeks. And my boyfriend and I have been sexually active. They were not 3 consecutive days, the first missed pill was December 4, then I missed another one Dec 10, and I missed one again on Dec 13. Like I said, I never miss my pills. But I have been stressed with finals and everything else that's going on this time of year. So it just happened. I feel a little sick in the mornings, and just today I noticed a little bit of light bleeding. I'm not sure what to think - I just know I don't want to freak out quite yet, but I kind of want some feedback!
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Asked By: Anonymous
Im 9 wks pregnant and the father is a fu*khead who wont leaveme the fu*k alone. Hes trying to get into my business to find something to spread rumors about. Im going out with someone else and he keeps calling and hes like, thats why the kids not mine. (it is his) But we broke up, its not his business who im with. Hes harassing me and he asked me if i slept with the guy, at that point i hung up. He said he doesnt care if its his kid, its not his problem that i got pregnant. Hes supposedly not ready to be a father, yet im supposed to be a mother and father. wtf? he doesnt want any of his responsibilities and denies fathering our child. I dont want to be with him, but i want him out of my life and in his childs life. I go to school with him and i have him in some classes and i see him around so its pretty much impossible to avoid him. I dont think i should have to get a dna test at all, if he doesnt believe me then why should that be my problem? what can i do to make him accept it or to the very least, leave me alone?
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midwife or dr upset plz help.?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hi all well i moved from ny to FL and things are much different down here. I found out that alot of dr's (obgyn) dont take my ins. one i called said they cant see me till the 19th but that that apt would be just to fill out paper work than make a second apt. to take a 2 hr class on being pregnant and than i can make an apt to see the dr im 27 weeks preg by the time i get to see the dr the baby will already be born so i see they have a midwife avalable to my ins. i was wondering are midwifes just as good as a dr? i mean one dr wouldnt take me because i was anemic to high risk they said. if im that high risk a dr wont see me will a midwife know what to do if i lose to much blood? Im just so upset to the point i wish i didnt move till after the baby was born i loved my obgyn people in NY and i cant find a dr. I have been looking for about 6 weeks and still no help that means i havent had any prenatal care for 6 weeks and its freaking me out! Help?
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Is this true? (pregnancy question)?

Asked By: Anonymous
I went and listened to my babies heart beat today and the doctor found it right away. And she said it must be a girl because they are easier to find. Is this true?
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