My family wants me to get an abortion...I don't know what to do?

Asked By: Abby
My boyfriend and I want to keep the baby and we know we will give it all the love and support it needs, but there is only one problem. We are both juniors in college and obviously do not have the best financial situation since we do not yet have careers. My family thinks we need an abortion. What would you do? Please only answers from mature and experienced people. Thank you so very much.
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Pregnant and exposed the chicken pox. I am sooooo pissed!!?

Asked By: Anonymous
Ok, so I just found out that I was exposed to the chicken pox over Thanksgiving. I'm not mad about that it couldn't be helped. What I am MAD about is that my mother in law and sister in law waited until today to tell me!!!! They found out on Monday and kept this info from me until today. It was their responsibility to let me know I was exposed as soon as they found out. I am so ticked off right now I'd like to bust some knee caps! Thank goodness they are 1200 miles away. Now I did have a severe case of CP when I was a kid so I know that I am most likely immune to CP, but still I deserved to know. Instead they waited five days and called on a Friday night when the DR office is closed. So what do you think ladies??? And do you have any info on pregnancy and chicken pox? Thanks for listening!!!
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29 wks pregnant and my discharged has tuned into a gel and i keep leaking a liquid with no smell to it?

Asked By: Anonymous
please help, the dischrged has changed just today into a gel like substance and the liquid does not smell of wee but looks a little funny in colour and it only trickles out??
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why is that the health center puts my sis in law's due date as dec 24 and her doc puts her at feb 4?

Asked By: kristie
why is that the health center puts my sis in law's due date as dec 24 and her doc puts her at feb 4?
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babys+miscarriage+teens please answer?

Asked By: Anonymous
My work friend was 17 when she had her first child,.. And about 2 months after birth... she became pregnant again. Now ive just heard that she lost her baby. How is this possible? Is it cos shes so young? or is it cos she didnt give herself enough time to heal her body? or anything else? im just curious, i want to have some knowlege about this topic.
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I also am having pain in my vagina like a muscle spasm. What could this mean?

Asked By: Anonymous
Does it have anything to do with my mucus plug and dialating? Sorry so many questions first pregnancy and have had ALOT of complications throughout the whole thing. I am 33 weeks pregnant and I already have to have the baby at 36 weeks.
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Good informational and experience related pregnancy books?

Asked By: imaginadia510
I just learned that a friend of mine is going to have a baby, she isnt due till July. I was thinking of getting her a good book or 2 for christmas about pregnancy and what to expect. I was thinking one informational one, a good one, nice color quality and information quality. And one that is like an autobiographical type of maybe a collaboration of different womens experiences throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Does anyone know of any such books that you would recommend? Do you feel it is an appropriate christmas gift(i will also probably get her a gift card as well)? Any insight would be much appreciated! Oh also it looks like she will be a single if theres anything of that nature also that would be of some a non-rude way of course. Thank you.
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has anyone got pregnant on yasmin?

Asked By: Anonymous
im starting it tomorrow lol =] has anyone got pregnant on it and took it correctly? how long was you on it before you fell pregnant? x just a random question x
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braxton hicks ?

Asked By: Anonymous
i am 32 weeks what does braxton hicks feel like? because i sometimes feel like my stomach stretching or it feels like a KNOT i get it once in a while could it be braxton?
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is anyone else having this sensation?

Asked By: 3_beautiful_girls
i'm 34 weeks, get braxton hicks, milky but sometimes clear discharge but it feels like my baby has nails and is scratching my placenta. it really hurts sometimes.
7 Answer(s) · 14 years ago