weird Fetal movement normal? Im 25 weeks with second pregnancy. Feels like the baby is twitching or spasming?

Asked By: Anonymous
all the time anymore. once in a while i'll get a strong kick or poke but it feels more like a hiccup or my stomach spasming. is this normal? i asked my doctor and he didnt seem concerned. what should it feel like?how frequently should he kick hard? why does it feel like he has a seizure sometimes? anybody else feel this?
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Am I pregnant? period delayed?

Asked By: Lisa
I had sex with a guy using condom. The following month I got my period. However this month my period is delayed. Could I be pregnant? (i had sex the 7th day after my period)??
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am i pregnant?? again?

Asked By: Anonymous
I wanted to know my chances of being pregnant. Here's the deal: The first day of my last period began on Nov 29th. There is about 28 days between periods give or take a day or too. I had unprotected intercourse more than once on Dec 9th between the hours of 1130pm and 300am(dec 10th). I had a baby 9months ago. can you tell me the chances of me being pregnant. Thanks!
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Agent Orange and my baby?

Asked By: Anonymous
My father was in the Australian S.A.S during the veitnam war and he was exposed to agent orange, i'm not sure for how long though. Anyway i am now 12 weeks pregnant and my father died last year from cancer. I was just wondering if my baby is at risk of any diseases or deformaties that come from this evil substance. My brother and i are perfectly healthy and normal.
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is it safe from pregnancy?

Asked By: Anonymous
is it safe to have s*x from behind without a condom? thanks!serious answers only please
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is this safe?

Asked By: cassy r
is the cervical cancer shot safe dureing pregnancy??
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can a first response pregnancy test give the wrong result?

Asked By: Sarah W
I took a first response test today, i'm 4 days early and it gave a negative result. What are the chances the result is wrong?
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this is crazy..pregnant this far along and didnt know?

Asked By: Anonymous
i was wondering because i have read about some amazing rare stories about people being pregnant and not knowin.. i dont have a period because i just stopped birth control 3 months ago so i guess my body is still re-adjusting but i changed my diet and everything an im still gaining weight and my stomach is big and looks pregnant but i jus thought it was water retention or something but i had white blood cells in my urine but i had no infection so the doc gave e antibiotics but i still have the white blood cells which i read may increase wen your pregnant..but i keep feelig this fluttering in my uterus and stomach...its not gas i definately know the difference so i know its not that..i know if you think about something 2 long you can make your self develope symptoms but thats not the case..yes my fiance and i have unprotected sex a lot so there is a possibility but how big of one?? if not pregnancy why am i feeling these flutters that ive been feeling for about 3 months now, what about the bad lower back pain, the nauses feeling, or the white blood cells in my urine with no knid of infection wat so ever?? the doctors cant seem 2 give me any good explinations could you please help?????
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i am 7 weeks pregnant and when i throw up there is a little blood?

Asked By: Anonymous
is this bad or ok. It is just a little bit like if i have a little bloody nose or something but its when i throw up and its usually when there is nothing much to throw up.. what to do? is it ok?
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are these some signs of the baby dropping?

Asked By: Amber
when i stand up or sit down, (mostly when i stand) i feel pressure in my pelvis and walking seems kinda funny too. i guess you can say i waddle but it feels more like i'm having to limp around because my hips and pelivs are sore. this is my 3rd baby and i'm 35 weeks along! thanks so much!!!
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