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How much should a toddler eat?

Asked By: Expecting # 2
I am a mother of a 15 mo and watch another 15 mo boy. My daughter weighs 21 lbs. The little boy I watch is the exact same age and weighs 32 almost 33 lbs. My daughter is a picky eater but will usually eat around 1/2 to a 1/4 serving of meat or cheese, sometimes 1/2 a jar of a veggie or a fruit at mealtime and 4 oz of water or juice. I give her eight ounces of milk (or infamil 2nd step) 3 times a day after breakfast, before nap, and before bedtime. The little boy will eat 1 and 1/2 to 2 toddler raviolis, 1 jar of veggie and 1 jar of fruit and 8 oz of milk or juice, that is a typical meal. I switch it up of course, they eat other meats but he usually eats 3 to 4 times more. I know he is a bigger boy, but is my daughter eating too little ( I also give her vitamin drops). Is there a way to get her to eat more? She has not gained any weight in 4 mos, but grew 2 inches, she is in the 40%. Compared to the little boy there is such a huge difference.
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18 month old refuse to sleep alone?

Asked By: geldenhuys b
HI, I have an 18 month old beautiful baby girl and she used to be the best little angel. I used to put her to bed at bedtime and then leave the room and she would fall asleep on her own. Now she refuses to get into her bed and needs to hold me (litterraly be on top of me) before she will allow herself to fall asleep. It takes up to 40 minutes for her to be fast asleep so that I can lay her down and leave the room, if she wakes up while I put her down she starts screaming and crying till I hold her again. Also she gets up at night and refuses to go back to bed if she is not sleeping on top of me. I don't know what brought this on as we have the same routine and nothing has changed in our lives. I have been working for more than 8 months and this never effected her in the past, she is also with the nanny at home and goes to playgroups twice a week with the nanny. If any one can give me some advise or help enabling me to return to normal I would gladly appreciate it!! From sad mommy
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Can I let my 10 month old eat oranges.?

Asked By: pretty_en_pink68
My doctor said it was OK to give her watered down orange juice, but he didn't say anything about oranges. Would it be ok it let her eat a piece of orange?
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how many calories a day does my 14 month old need?

Asked By: baby06
my little girl is a picky eater and i am scared she isnt getting enough...she is very slim only weighing 21 pounds!is anyone elses kids like this??
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My daughter is two years old her her fingernails keep breaking in the middle of her nail.?

Asked By: lion_king87068
I also just noticed that her toe nails are discolored. And these breaks were not caused by trauma. She eats healthy, and drinks lots of milk, and takes a vitamin every morning. What do you think is causing this? And also I know her fingers hurt, because she complains about it. And we do have a doc appointment next week, I just want other opinions.
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potty training my 13 month old?

Asked By: Anonymous
I know it can be done i know it will take a few months but how do i go abouts training my little boy what are the first steps to take besides the potty
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I told my dr. about my 6 year old still wetting the bed, but she did nothing.?

Asked By: The Wonderer
What can I do? It's hard to keep bathing and washing sheets and clothes all the time- when is she going to outgrow this? The dr. isn't concerned, but my washer and DRYER ARE!
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In the l990's, there was a Pediatrician who advocated infants sleeping with the parents.?

Asked By: Oakie
The Dr. allowed his children, I think he had five or six, to sleep with he and his wife until they were 2yrs. old. I cannot remember his name, I know it wasn't Berry Brazelton! Any one know who he was?
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How to make girlfriends nipples bigger?

Asked By: Anonymous
How to make girlfriends nipples bigger?
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Can anybody tell me the distance between leaving your kid in the car for a minute and child abandonment?

Asked By: ?
I mean, how far away must the gas attendant be from your car before you have to take your kid there or get in trouble with CPS?
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