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intense,frequent toddler tantrums?

Asked By: cndyc
my best friends daughter will be 2 in February. she has always been kind of a high intensity child her tantrums seem abnormal to me. She has a tantrum over EVERYTHING, any no, or anytime she has to leave anywhere, cant sit in a shopping cart, ride for extended periods of time in the car, going to bed, going somewhere no. and she freaks out, crying, screaming,balled fists, throwing herself down, most of the time it ends in the child vomiting.and she gets so worked up, she cant calm herself down, and starts hyperventalating.usually takes her mom about a half hour to calm her down, by then the mom just usually packs up and leaves. Even the grandparents have a hard time with it. they've considered taking her to the er because the tantrum was so long and worried? i've never seen a child behave like this normal? my friend always has been lax on discipline, could her kid just be being bestie is at her wits happens multiple times of day.especially if they are anywhere that isnt home. any advice or experience with this?thanx.......
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What should i do to stimulate left brain learing in my kid?

Asked By: naveed.nasim
I have a one year old kid, and i want him to develop his learning skills, through stimulating his left brain. Does any one know about ways to do it?
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what can my daughter bring in?

Asked By: crazziegrl14
my daughter is 4 and in pre-k. She needs something that starts with the letter g but can not be a grape or giraffe. the teacher is bringing them in. I am out of any idea. Does anyone have any.
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3 year old daughter, high fever?

Asked By: Kaytee
Well.. she will be 3 this month. She woke up this morning screaming about her stomach hurting, then it was her throat. Her temp was 103, I gave her tylenol and a popsicle, which she did not eat. The only thing she has had today is a couple bites of oatmeal, a peice of hashbrown and about a half a cup of chili. The rest were liquids, but not near enough liquids. Now, she complains of a headache, a severe headache, crying, lots of crying. I checked her temp again, its now 102.6. I gave her the last dose of tylenol we had, and made her comfortable in her bed. Shes probably asleep already, but I doubt for long. Do you think this is the flu, or something more serious. So far no one else is sick. Knock on wood.
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My 5 year old still poops in a diaper!!!!!!!!!!?

Asked By: Anonymous
My little girl is 5 and a half, 6 in December....and will NOT poop on the toilet!!! She has absolutely no problem goin' potty---she will go on her own to pee, shes perfect!!! Shes been in panties for 3 years, never has had a nighttime accident, never needed pull-ups or that sort of thing, But when she has to poop she will say "Mama, I need a diaper...." Ive tried not giving it to her til the point she layed in the floor and cried in pain because she had to go so bad, and i couldnt let my little girl suffer like that!!! At a loss, we tried childrens stool softener, maybe to make her have to go so bad she couldnt hold it then put her on the toilet, that didnt work... Shes never had an accident,she has held it for 3-4 days in the past til i made her go! She is also seeing a therapist for possible Obsessive compulsive disorder,she has to do certain things 2 times, maybe that has something to do with it? He said to just give her time and let her on her own. Weve bribed her with everything!!
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How much should a 2T weigh? 3T? 4T?

Asked By: purplekissnhug
I'm trying to find a halloween costume but most say size 2T-4T , and my child can't even wear 3T yet,and i can't get 24m she is a little big for that. Are there any cheap cute fairy costumes just size 2T anywhere?
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Does anybody still watch baby shows anymore?

Asked By: Anonymous
Watch baby shows like Barney anymore????
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What can I do about my very allergic 13 month old?

Asked By: Boom Boom!
I need help. My 13 month old is allergic to something, but I dont know what. He has a nasty rash all over his body, worse on the face. It wont go away! This has happened before when he was about 6 months old, he had (or atleast I was pretty sure he had) an allergic reaction to the laundry detergent (sorry spelling). Well, we changed the detergent and it went forward to husband did laundry (never ask a husband to do laundry) and he bought the same detergent! I am in the process of rewashing everything I own, but this rash will not budge....I dont know what to do....I have tried everything and it wont go away....I feel like a horrible mother and I feel like I failed him. It's so hopeless and I cry all the time. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to make this right? It looks so bad, and so itchy and painful.....also....what about exema? Some of my husbands family members have exema....does it pass on....? Please people, be nice....and please help...
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Thumb sucking advise Please. My son's teeth are getting ruined. Help Please!?

Asked By: massy
Thumb sucking advise Please. My son's teeth are getting ruined. Help Please!?
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Could my 19-month-old have a urinary tract infection?

Asked By: Liberty K
my daughter has been doing something strange the last couple of days....she'll be fine, and then suddenly grab her diaper area and say ow, or let out a sharp cry. she has no rash at all and otherwise seems fine. i thought maybe it was the new diapers we got her which have some kind of perfume in them (YUCK) irritating her sensitive skin. We are getting her different ones today. but it occurred to me that maybe she could have gotten a urinary tract infection, which would hurt when she my question is, is that something a toddler might get and if so, will just having her drink a lot of water get rid of it? (i've had a couple and drinking water seems to clear them up in a day or two.) any advice would be appreciated!
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