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How does a woman know that the egg has already been released and is done ovulating?

Asked By: hawaiiansun_82
How does a woman know that the egg has already been released and is done ovulating?
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i been trying to get preg?

Asked By: Anonymous
for a long time now. does anyone know how much it cost to go see a fertility specialist? just to be put on like clomid or somthing? or just to even see if i have any blockages in my tubes?? or to see if i even ovulate??
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Okay I just need to know?

Asked By: a0jacob1
these are just a few questions that I have based on some things I have read on here: 1. Is it true that man can release small amounts of sperm during intercourse. Especially if he hasn't orgasmed in a while? I am not talking about precum, but actually have small orgasms? 2. If a man urinates before sex, or uses the pull out method after 5 hours have passed since the last orgasm; then you are safe with the pull out method. (sorry if this question is confusing). 3. The pull out method is as safe as 97% effective if the man pulls out in time. 4. precum doesn't contain sperm and women who got pregnant with the pull out method are from men who didn't pull out in time? Are there any women on here who got pregnant using the pull out method and know that their man pulled out in time or that they didn't orgasm at all?
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swollen areolas?

Asked By: ?
okay, I always hear about swollen breasts in early pregnancy, but what about swollen areolas? My areolas (nipples) have been really swollen and puffy looking for two days. I am 8 day past ovulation. Any pregnant women ever had this or heard about it?
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anybody due in june and how are you feeling and do you have a bump yet?

Asked By: lori
anybody due in june and how are you feeling and do you have a bump yet?
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when should i......need some help?

Asked By: ♥6ryanna l33'ann ackwood♥
when should have intercourse with my bf in order to time i ovulate is oct.25.....what days would be perfect>
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Does this mean that ovulation is over?

Asked By: Anonymous
When the clear stretchy mucus discharge suddenly disappears does that mean ovulation is over. like no chance you can get pregnant? I saw the clear stretchy discharge like yesterday and the day before, but now it's gone. Does that mean the chance for the egg being fertilized is over?
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What's going on??

Asked By: Layla
My period is two days late today, but I tested this morning and it was negative. I've had a lot of nausea at night the past couple of nights, I've been getting frequent headaches, and I'm cramping. I had watery cervical mucous the past three days, but it's creamy today. Any clue what's going on? Could I still be pregnant, even though I tested negative after my period was already late?
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am planning to take in but am still taking duphaston due to irregular period is it ok for me ?

Asked By: love
though i took it just for 1month i planning to stop because am scared it will affect my getting pregnant.please can any one help me?should i stop or still continue nommally am surpose to take it for 3months,will it stop me from getting pregnant?please i need a quick answer.
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2 negative pregnancy results?

Asked By: Crystal S
I have had two neg. results but i didn't use first morning urine on either period was due on the 28th and i never skip maybe a couple days early but never late.when should i test again and would first morning urine be the best to use?i drink alot of drinks during the day could that affect my results?
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