Trying to Conceive

Do you think I am pregnant, I am breastfeedin and having intercourse?

Asked By: Anonymous
I read that breastfeeding is a form of birth control, I called my doctor to find out for sure after someone said that it was not true. She said Ican. I gave birth Aug 30 I have had no period yet- a little spotting about one and a half weeks ago and am not exlusivly breastfeeding. I took pg test but negative. I just got my birth control pills, but want to make sure I am not pg before I start.
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TTC forever...Have a weird question?

Asked By: kitamonster
I got my period on Sept 1-6, had sex during the last day of period and everyday for a week or so afterwards. What are my chances of being preggers? Is it possible to become pregnant on these days if you have a normal 28 day cycle? The reason i am asking is because I have insanely sore breast and this never happens until the day before my period. please give me some advice... Thanks in advance
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when should I start having sex?

Asked By: segreenwade
when should I start having sex? Today was the last day of my period. I think i might ovulate on the 27th or the 28th. Should i just do it ever other day or everyday? What should I be looking for as far as the discharge goes?
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i m scared?

Asked By: Anonymous
5 days back i went for a picnic to the seaside. there my bf tried having sex with me. i tried to stop him and he forced me around 5 times. we had just some touching and all. but now i m scared if i might get pregnant. since i had my periods on 6th of this month i m scared that it was one of my fertile days.. are there possibilities that touching and a little pushing can lead to pregnancy . what should i do?
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My girlfriend and I had sex 3 times yesterday and I think she was ovulating. (very slick and stringy?).?

Asked By: jeff b
I looked at her bc pills today and the packet was full. Is she trying to trick me into getting her pregnant? If I confront her and I'm wrong, she's going to be highly pi$$ed.
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What is wrong? No Period, No Pregnancy??

Asked By: missdarkstar
Hi i am a 19 year old female. I am wondering what is going on. It is the 13th of july and i still haven't started my menstrual cycle. It last began on June 5th of last month. I have had unprotected intercourse a few times this month but a home test said i was not pregnant. Do you have any ideas about what is going on? please help?
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What's the right test to use?

Asked By: ?
Been TTC for 8 months and I am a serial tester. I love the digital ones but they are so pricey and i waste so many. I have been buying the equate ones from walmart that come in the 3 pack. Well i don't know if the other ladies on here are like me but I spend the full 10 mins turning the stick every which direction possible into and out of the light looking to see if maybe there's a light skimp of a line. And by that time my mind thinks it sees all kind of stuff that no one else sees. So my question is, which test would you recommend? Which one doesn't drive you quite so batty? Surely I'm not the only one that turns those tests in every direction....LOL thanks in advance
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CLOMID: The Dos and Don'ts?

Asked By: divine intervention
It's absolutely impossible to get answers from my GYN's office because you wait on "HOLD" forever. Just a warning that the following may be TMI. So I finished my 2nd cycle of Clomid (Days 5-9) on 10/31. We had sex every day starting from my 1st Clomid pill until 11/6. I would have preferred to BD past the 6th but I have been fighting a yeast infection for about 2 months now. Now that I think about it. I really don't know the dos and don’ts. Here is a list of what I’m not sure on: Does drinking decaf (about 2 cups) 5 days a week affect your chances of pregnancy? Does a yeast infection affect your chances of getting pregnant? Does it affect sperm life? My husband's sperm scored an A+ in his semen analysis. Strength and numbers were good. I was prescribed Diflucan and took my pill yesterday to see if it will finally rid me of my yeast infection. I have absolutely no symptoms at all except the little white clumps. If I’m pregnant, will this affect the baby? In the warnings, it only stated that Diflucan passes to the breast milk.
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Who has gotten pregnant with having PCOS???? I need something positive.?

Asked By: reese
I have been diagnosed with PCOS. Who has PCOS and have gotten pregnant. How long did it take you to get pregnant? Did you have to be put on any medcine? Did you have to go through a miscarriage?
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ttc and dental x-rays?

Asked By: Anonymous
Would it be ok to get dental x-rays if I may have conceived? I know it sounds silly, as I haven't missed my period yet, but I want my bean to stick!! LOL!
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