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How can someone give up they're rights as a parent to a child they have never met.?

Asked By: armymedman
I have a son I do not know. His mother and I had a one nighter long time ago. He has a DAD. Only dad he has ever known. She would like me to give up rights on paper so that they can adopt him. How can I do this without it costing a small fortune? Can't I just sign a document and have it notorized?
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For those who keeps on getting recurrent miscarriages... What is your opinion?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have an 8 month old. I miscarried 3 times recently and do not know what is going on! They did an ultrasound and saw everything was great! I believe is a chemical imbalance! So for those who keeps on having repeated miscarriages.. what did you find out what was going on? Oh another thing: My first miscarriage was in August at 4 1/2 wekks, 2nd one is a chemical pregnancy in Sept. and the third one I miscarried 2 weeks ago at 5 1/2 weeks along... hopefully this info will help!
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shacken baby syndrome?

Asked By: Katy B
have you heard of the baby Aidan Andrews that died of shakenbaby syndrome?
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ways to get your name out there for babysitting?

Asked By: ariarose1
I'm looking for ways to get my name out in the town for babysitting. I'm not really crazy about the idea of putting my name and number out in a public place, so i need a safer way to do this any ideas? also I'm 14 and what would you look for on a flyer that would make you contact a sitter?
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Are these cute names for kids?

Asked By: Maxie
i havent thought of boy names but what about these girl names: Isabella Elizabeth Swan __________ and Analiegh idk what middle name(s) to use for Analiegh. and yes i got the 'Swan' part from twilight but i already had Isabella picked out
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Any advice for a 17 year old pregnant girl?

Asked By: beccatherainbow
I'm only 17, but I got pregnant on the second date. I don't believe in abortion, except in extreme cases like where the baby has half a head or is a mermaid or something. I don't really want the father to be round because he's really irresponsible, and actually, grows cannabis. I don't want me or my baby to be mixed up in that. I'm drawn between turning him in and not, because I'm a very law abiding citizen (grade A in law), but he's also the father to my kid. Any help with that? And also, anyone have any idea how i can tell my family? Thats the thing im most worried about really. I'm just scared out of my mind!
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Babysitting the child of a deployed soldier!?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm a military wife and the owner of a registered home daycare! He will be in Korea at the beginning of december for a whole and year and i was thinking of babysitting a child of a soldier that might be deployed during this year! Has anyone any experience with this kind of "babysitting"? This child would live with me for a year> what kind of documents need to be filled out, what could I ask for money wise....And I'm talking about soldiers who have no family or don't want their kids with any family member!?
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What did you do? I ran over a noodle because i'm a ninja?

Asked By: Anonymous
We could all use a good laugh! Put your sentence in your answer. Pick the month you were born: January-I kicked February-I loved March-I smoked April-I dry humped May-I choked on June-I murdered July-I did the Macarena with August-I had lunch with September-I danced with October-I sang to November-I yelled at December-I ran over Pick the day you were born: 1-a birdbath 2-a monster 3-a phone 4-a fork 5-a Mexican 6-a gangster 7-my cell phone 8-my dog 9-my best friends' boyfriend 10-my neighbor 11-my science teacher 12-a banana 13-a fireman 14-a stuffed animal 15-a goat 16-a pickle 17-your mom 18-a spoon 19-myself 20-a baseball bat 21-a ninja 22-Chuck Norris 23-a noodle 24-a squirrel 25-a football player 26-my sister 27-my brother 28-an ipod 29-a permanent marker 30-a llama 31-A homeless guy
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My baby's dad...?

Asked By: *.:marie:.*
Ok he left when I got pregnant, and now he is talking to a girlfriend(*pam*) of mine to ask how I am doing, but yet he doesn't call me or write me to ask me himself. I also had another friend who I thought was talking to him behind my back (*june*), and when that was going on *pam* told me *june* was wrong because she was my friend and he needed to ask me himself. but now *pam* is doing the same thing. i dont know what to do or how to tell her she is wrong without losing a friend, can anyone help, or has anyone had something similar happen to them??
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I need to find an online manual for the Alpha Elite car seat?

Asked By: Nicole V
I lost my manual, and I need to figure out how to hook up my car seat by using seat belts. I use hooks now, but Im traveling in a different car and I need to hook it up with belts.
2 Answer(s) · 12 years ago