dying hair purple?

Asked By: Anonymous
how!? help please also does dying your hair damge it. will i have to bleach it to get it purple
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Asked By: lalalovergirl
my friend hair iss nappy what can i do help
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Volumizer Gel, Mousse or etc...?

Asked By: kydseoul26
I'm trying to find out what brands or what I can use to add volume to my hair. I already have shampoo and conditioner, now I need to decide what to buy for a volumizing Gel, Mouuse or etc... I don't know which is better gel or mousse or hair spray? And would also be nice if anyone could tell me what kind I should buy. I don't mind the cost of the brand since I'm already shelling out $25 for shampoo and conditioner.
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Has anyone ever used Bobbi Boss's Indi Remi hair? What's your experience?

Asked By: Sassy
What's your experience?
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hair help???

Asked By: Anonymous
Help help!!!!!!!!hair problemm..? hair r to my shoulder...dey get really frizzy...i just need some ways to make my hair look good....i dont have dat many supplies..i just have moose nd iron curler..but i dunt like using the curler..please tell me steps to make my hair luk really gud..please..i go to skool when i come back dey r realy frizzy and lookin really bad..i even put moose but still..plzz help me..
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Hairstyle help?

Asked By: Victoria
I would like easy step by step instructions on how to do cool easy hairstyles that don't require a lot of product use. If you could give websites with pics and stuff that'd be great :)
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Does caramel skin look bad with golden blonde hair? *pic* OPEN!!!?

im puerto rican and i have caramel skin color and hazel eyes..will it look bad with golden blonde hair? here is a picture of an example of what i you think thats ugly? should i go for it?¤t=blonde1.jpg¤t=blonde.jpg
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Sweet Sixteen hair color problems!!! Please help!!?

Asked By: e.lonzo
I'm re-dying my hair for my sweet sixteen, and I want to dye my hair this color: I don't really know how to achive her hair color!!! Please help! My sweet sixteen party is in four three weeks!
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heeeellllllllllllpppppp!!!! you must take a look at my prob.?

Asked By: Anonymous
im 18. my hairs are falling at a fast rate due to change in environment(i changed my home 5 months ago). plz suggest me something which is gonna help me. Is it true that hair never grows at the place again from where it had fallen before? the person whose ans seems most helping to me, is sure to get 10 pts.
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How to get rid of chin hair?

Asked By: dancing_angled_angel
I have tried waxing, tweezing and Nair. when my hair starts to grow back it is ingrown so it gives me zits basically. so how can i get rid of it w/o using the above options and w/o doing it with lasers? am i doomed to be freakishly hairy???
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