If my hair is down to my shoulders, about how long would it take to get it as long as Davey Havok's used to be

Asked By: canadianxfreak98
If my hair is down to my shoulders, about how long would it take to get it as long as Davey Havok's used to be
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How can you tell if someone's a natural blonde or if it's dyed?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm a natural blonde and even I can't tell most of the time. And if you're going to say "look at the eyebrows", don't bother because eyebrows and natural hair color don't always match. I'm a natural blonde with dark eyebrows. What's a good way of telling a fake from the real deal?
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my hair...horrible?

Asked By: Anonymous
its pretty straight and reallly thick/frizzy. Is there anything to make it less frizzy? I tried this dove frizz control stuff, but it doesnt work to well. Something to make it less frizzy and dry? Any suggestions.
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lighten hair?

Asked By: ?
i have dirty blonde hair and i wanna get it about 5 shades lighter whats a good way to do so? i know bleaching it will make it too light so what else could i do?
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Looking For "Emo" Styled Haircut WITHOUT bangs?

Asked By: Anonymous
I currently have sidebangs, but my dad is giving me so much trouble for them, so I have a couple more inches to grow out, and then I'm done with them. :( I'm looking for the emo styled haircuts without any sidebangs or bangs. Not even pixie or baby bangs, just because they look reeaaalllllyyy lame. :P
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My 10 year old daughter has THICK COARSE Hair...?

Asked By: Jen
Nothing I have found will soften it or make it shine. It is so heavy and gross that all she does is wear a pony tail EVERYDAY. Is thinning your hair bad to do? HELP, School is about to start and her hair looks awful.. She is Fully hispanic and her hair is so thick you can only wrap a large ponytail twice!!!! Any suggestions???
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How can make black color when I use henna..? I mean mix any herbal things to get black color insted of red...?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am doing henna very month, but some of my hairs are gray...this will get reddisha color after henna. but I nedd to make it black. I mean my other original hairs...Please help me...
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hair cut and colored, help? :]]?

Asked By: Anonymous
i'm getting my hair done the 29th and i was looking for some ideas. i used to have purple under my hair. my hair is naturally a strawberry red blonde. i like crazy things. my hair is about to the bottom of my boobs =P and i have sideswept bangs. my hair is THICK. i need some highlight, lowlight, color, cut or anything ideas. please.
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can i pull off these bangs?

Asked By: dorkxxxx♥
alright is it possilble to have straight bangs AND side bangs, at the same time? like 1 day i will wear them straight and the next i will push them over and have them as side? can someone please include pics as like how long the straight ones should be so they will go to the side too?
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What will lemon juice do to my hair?

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I heard lemon juice will lighten my hair and i have dirty blonde hair. So if thats true will it make my hair white blonde? or just lighter dirty blonde?
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