Best light for applying makeup?

Asked By: Anonymous
Is it better to use strong bright lighting or a dimmer in order to look your best during the day?
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How to apply thses in order?

Asked By: Anonymous
I mean to ask with ur clean face u apply concealer,compact powder,shimmer,blusher,mascara, or eyeshadow first?? i just want plp to rearrange it in order.....thankxx
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how can you achieve frizz free shiny hair when you heat style it often?

Asked By: *SuperStar*
obviously,when you heat style your hair, it can get damaged and dried out.i don't really heat style mine so much. But when i do, it looks dull and is a bit frizzy.I use heat protection and a shine serum but i can't get its smooth and shiny like i want.I have friends that heat style thier hair almost everyday and have shinier hair than me.What are some good heat protection products(you recommend) that will leave hair frizz free silky and shiny?
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how do you find what your undertone is?

Asked By: Anonymous
my skin tone is a cocoa type.. im trying to find some.. blush colors that would work for me and eye shadows.. but mainly i dont know what my undertone is..
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I must wear a strappy cocktail dress tonight, but I have a tattoo on my left arm. How can I cover it up?

Asked By: KT
I have tried on several occasions to use regular makeup, but it never works. This is a classy party I am going to, and I really don't want my tattoo sticking out like a sore thumb. Help please?
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What kind of makeup should i wear with this dress for the prom? Is this a pretty dress?

Asked By: Anonymous
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how do you know if you can pull of like a smokey eye or eye liner?

Asked By: Allie
i have cheer portraits coming up and i need to know if i will look good with a smokey eye or eye liner.. i have blue eyes and some freckles and i need help with colors too! :) please help!
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What's the best moisturizer i can use?

Asked By: helloimnick
I have oily skin and i have alot of acne. My daily routine is i shower wash my face with normal water(not using hands) using the neutrogena wave to massage my skin, go back in the shower wash it some more then get out then when i get out i shave with an electric razor. then later, when my skin dries i use clinique city block sheer 25 spf. i bought Nivea Visage Moisturizing Toner Alcohol Free but i dont know how or when to use it during my process, and is it a good product that i bought?
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When do I apply moisturizer and when do I apply toner?

Asked By: Sandra
to my face? thanks :)
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does eyeliner make your eyes look smaller. i just put it on the bottom but im not really sure.. does it?

Asked By: Anonymous
does eyeliner make your eyes look smaller. i just put it on the bottom but im not really sure.. does it?
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