How do u secure a wireless connection???

Asked By: Anonymous
How do u secure a wireless connection??? Ppl keep hacking into my connection and its making it disconnect. lol
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Self-Proclaimed Geek Squads - Your Assistance is Needed. BEST Antivirus Software? (Open to All).?

Asked By: evelynn waugh
I'm in the market for new Antivirus software. Preferably an omnipotent, do-all elixir for my worm/cookie/virus worry woes. My god-sent trial of Norton just expired, and though I've been looking to purchase, I've also been working to avoid it by bouncing from trial to trial. I'm quickly running out of new options of programs to try, and I really can't risk infection at this point. So I guess my question is: What would be the most efficient, fail-safe, and affordable (or at least highly-worth-the-cost) Virus protection on the market? P.s. Although I'm really satisfied with Norton, it slows my PC to a slithering crawl. I hear good things about Kaspersky. False rep? Thanks a lot.
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I have a trojan horse. I've gone to Micr. and run all the scans. What should I do next?

Asked By: Morrallybankrupt138
I have a trojan horse. I've gone to Micr. and run all the scans. What should I do next?
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The system restore feture of my computer shows a blank page. does this m,ean i have to reinstall windows XP?

Asked By: EL Nene Catracho
Hello. I have a big problem. My old version of mcfee antivirurus expired, I buy a new version and tried to remove the old one. The uninstall version only went true half way and frozen. So I reboot. I tried to install the new version and it screw up my computer. Here are the problems. 1. whenever I enter the mcfee cd it gives me a blank page 2. I tried to go to system restore and it also give me a blank page 3. I did f8 for last best configuration and it didn’t work. I still get a blank page 4. I went on safe mode and tried to access system restore and it didn’t work. Here are my problems. 1. I receive blank pages when trying to see my email, go to system restore, try to create a new user ID, open mcfee cd, etc. 2. is there a way to completely remove mcfee?? 3. what am I doing wrong???? Any suggestions. I am thinking on reinstalling XP but I will lose a lot of information and drivers. Is there any way out of this mess>?????? I contacted mcfee and never got an answer. I am open to sugestions
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is zone alarm 7.1 compatible with adaware & spybot or anti-virus?

Asked By: Jackie W
is zone alarm 7.1 compatible with adaware & spybot or anti-virus?
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May it be a virus?

Asked By: Anonymous
There is something wrong with my PC, it wont let me send e-mails in yahoo, see my emails in hotmail, loggin in myspace and other pages.... PLASE HELP. If it is a virus, how can I fix my pc. I've tried my antivirus and spywares but they do not reflex anything
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New emo virus on msn?

Asked By: Vicki
There is a new virus being spread by msn. I got it on Monday by a friend sending me a link. I don't remember the exact link but it had emo.php in it. I think I got rid of it by deleting msn and reinstalling and by using my antivirus but im not sure. Does anyone have any information on this new virus and how to get rid of it?
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my security code wont work.why?

Asked By: krystal j
i am trying to get my password. whenever i put in the security code it says its invalid. why is it doing that.
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How can I access my documents in Windows XP?

Asked By: john s
Okay, I have just installed an external drive enclosure for the sole purpose of moving files from an old hard drive (the computer now defunct) onto my present computer but when I try to access my documents from the external drive (drive F:) I receive the message that access is denied. I thought of changing the name of the my document folder but received the same message. Is there a work around to access these files?
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What is this ms antivirus please help?

Asked By: Nathan
Hello 2 hours back I got this weird message and some antivirus started scanning my computer on its own.It changed my desktop background and filled it with porn. I'm unable to uninstall this antivirus in add/remove programs,my regular antivirus bitdefender is currently isn't working. Please tell me how to remove this.
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