which gymnist in the olympics is a loser and whos a winner?

Asked By: Jon
there al good
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I'm trying to find the 4x100 relay video from the Men's swimming...?

Asked By: Kimmy <3
But I can't find a good one on YouTube. I missed the race, and I REALLY wanna see the whole thing. I have an account on YouTube and I want to add it to my favorites, but I can't find a good full video from the race last night. I have found a lot from past olympics and from the trials, but I just want this one video. Help me!! Please and Thank You, Kimmy <3
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where can i watch swimming after the olympics?

Asked By: Anonymous
ive begin to like swimming a lot and now i want to know where can i watch swimming on tv like special swimming events on tv? Can somebody give me a tv schedule of swimming?
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Does anyone have a website that is most updated with the Olympics results/medals.

Asked By: Self-Proclaimed Expert
I go on Yahoo! and Google but their websites are not always up to date on the amount of medals and the sport the team earned medals for. Does anyone have a website which has everything very frequently updated? You can easily earn "best answer" here.
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How would you rate the Beijing Olympic Ceremony?

Asked By: Tristan K
I've just finished watching a stunning display. It is the best Olympic ceremony I've seen in my lifetime. China spent over $300 million dollars on the opening ceremonies alone - not including any other costs. Bob Costas -who's moderated a great many Olympics - have said it the greatest he's ever seen. If you haven't seen the Olympic ceremonies, I highly recommend you catch it on youtube or replay. If you have seen it, how would you rank this Beijing Olympic Ceremony? Which part of the Beijing Olympic Ceremony was your favorite?
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Do olympic athletes go home after their event is done?

Asked By: Evan B
When an olympic athlete finishes his last race or event does he/she go home back to their country in the next 1-2 days or do they stay at the olympics to watch the rest of their country's events my dad asked me this question and i didn't know so if you do please help
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Why is Federer absent from the olympics?

Asked By: coolio russian
i dont recall reading about him not entering the olympics what happened? why is Nadal number 1 on aug 18th?
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Is Michael Phelps really the greatest Olympian of all time?

Asked By: Dewayne L
To put him over Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, and all the other greats is pretty far out of proportion to me. I agree with Chad Johnson (what he said about Phelps yesterday on PTI) to an extent, but don't get me wrong, Phelps is great, but not above Jim Thorpe, one of the greatest, if not, the greatest athlete of all time.
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Do you think some judge gave U.S. lower score because they are American?

Asked By: Anonymous
Since most event judge by not from compete nation, do you think some judge might had some issue with U.S. therefore gave lower score just because they are american?
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How do i go about finding a trainer for the Olympics?

Asked By: Dontavise F
How do i go about finding a trainer for the Olympics?
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