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Providence, RI Transgender college student wanting to know where to transition at?

Asked By: alex a
I'm moving to Providence Rhode Island next month. I was wondering if transgender people knew places or somethings I should do to get my MtF transtion started. Such as where I can get hormones or find a psychiatrist that deal with transexuals.
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Is it normal to think that I am asexual at 20 years old, or is it going to pass?

Asked By: Nothing.explained
This is really the first time I think about it, and I feel a little disturbed at telling something so private, but I would like to know if everybody felt the same way than me at one point or another, just to make sure that I am normal and not asexual. in fact my mother already accepted this fact, and my father does not know (not that I care anyway what he could think of it, I even don't care about what my mother thinks anyway!) I am a girl who's 20. I just realized that I hated sex with all my heart. I think love is a weak feeling and I even can't say to my own parents that I love them. I just despise love more than anything on earth! I HATE the idea of sex with both genders. In fact I hate the idea of sex, and that's it, even with myself, if you know what I mean. My temper is not easy either and I hate my lovers for loving me. On the other side I no more fall in love. when I was young I fell in love with a guy and when I realized that he loved me back I just humiliated him, insulted him and never tlked with him ever again. I just HATED learnedhen hated myself. After some more lseriouslyences, I incrediblylly how to kill my heart, and seriousely, it was increadibly easy to do so. I can't even dream of having sex. And the rare time I try to imagine a kiss I just end up in fury trying to bloody abuse the poor guy who's not even real! I really don't care about community standards, and I am the most stubborn person you'll ever met according to my surrounding, I just said that to make a point clear that when I decide something, I rarely back up. I said rarely because I want an opening here. I just want to know: is it normal? Am I normal? I already know that I must have some psychological issues here, but did people feel the same? I think loving someone is surrendering in a way, it's letting a big opening and compromising about a lot of things! it's accepWorth to be down and to open up too much! how can someone be woth that time, effort and humiliation? I fail at understanding that...
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iam a male nd hav girly feelings..?!!?

Asked By: chubby guy
iam a chubby guy with boobs lik chest nd curvy hip. i used to fantasize like a gal and iam attracted to a guy and sexually i have girly feelings to dat guy..!! but wen iam normal, i feel manly and iam attracted to gals..!! y is it so? does this mean iam a gay, bi or wat else this mean?!! can anyone tell me plz...?!!
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The mystery behind the black hair band?

Asked By: 1011101
I think there may be a connection between girls and wearing black hairbands on one of their wrists who are gay/bi/.....cause i've seen it with my own eyes. Is this a secret symbol or something that I don't know about?
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What are some signs that a man might be Bi?

Asked By: Anonymous
So my aunt has been married 3 times and has dated a few guys... but she has this "friend" that we all think is gay but he likes my aunt. And we are going campng and he is coming and we think he is gay but dont know for sure
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christians supporting gays/lesbiens?

Asked By: killerwhalesrule19
Why is it that the bible speaks against gays/lesbiens? Didn't God create us homo sapiens to love, support, and care for each other? How can God think that humans loving the opposite sex be a sin? I thought believing in the devil is a sin or commiting murder is a sin? Does being gay/lesbien automatically mean that you're with the Devil? Why are so many people these days are afraid of being near a person whom is gay/lesbien? THEY AREN'T CONTAMINATED WITH DISEASES SUCH AS RABIES OR STDS. Why are there certain schools for people whom are gay/lesbien? Why aren't there many groups in christian churches that have organizations supporting gay rights? Most importantly, why can't you be able to marry someone the opposite sex even if it's against the law?
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Do u think there are woman who are physically stronger than avg built man?

Asked By: Anonymous
Do u think there are woman who are physically stronger than avg built man? or man is the only gender who is strong do u think there are woman who could lift and carry man in her arm i am 150 lbs do u think there are woman who could lift me
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how to tell if your best friend is gay or not.?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hi, i want to know if my best friend is gay or not. He is ur average young 17yr old male, good looking , good body, good clothes style an persona;lity. he always ses how at partys he wnts to hook up with hot chiks, and checks them out infront of our frends. then other times when our frends are hanging out he will hug us touch us and stuff, he rubs our legs and slaps our arses and goes to touch our *****, and grab, in movies he does the same. wen he stays at my house he sleeps in my bed in his under wear and acts wierd, is he gay or bi or straight? please respiond, thanks frank.
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Why are the terms "gay" and "lesbian" almost ALWAYS associated to sexual intercourse?

Asked By: Doomsday
But when we talk about "my boyfriend" or "my girlfriend" we tend to think of moviegoing or dating in a restaurant?? In a nutshell, why are homosexuals always thought of as wild sex junkies? Aren't there virgin or non-sexually inclined homos?
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