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Whats the difference between a Mexican ghetto and a black ghetto?

Asked By: Ashely85
We were looking for a place to park so we could hop on the L and my bf refused to park in the black ghetto. He's like theres mostly good people here but there are a very few that just want to start trouble and I dont want to get into a fight tonight. Then hes like and plus I dont know black culture to well. So he drives to the Mexican Ghetto and parks. I was like whats the difference. Then he goes I'm Italian I have a little more understanding of a Mexican ghetto since I grew up in an Italian ghetto. He said that Mexicans are either hard working people or they are involved in the drug cartel. But he said either way they will leave you alone as long as you leave them alone. Well nothing happened but I was just wondering what everyone else thinks? I mean I never heard of an Italian ghetto before?
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Sympathetic Character?

Asked By: Anonymous
I unknowingly am a sympathetic character. I really don't think I try act in a way to get people to sympathize me but sometimes I do catch myself doing things to get sympathy. For the most part I hide my sadness from people in fear of seeming like a sympathetic person. I really don’t feel like I do it intentionally for the most part. The people that have pointed this out to me from what I have seen have been the ones who feel sorry for themselves. I don’t think I feel sorry for myself. I guess it’s because I have wear a gloomy facial expression. I have noticed people do things for me because they felt sorry for me and I could tell through their tone of voice or the expression they wore on their face. I guess I do things to get sympathy. How do I stop?
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Would you ever date/marry outside of your race?

Asked By: LA
If so, which race of men/women do you find more attractive? Does race even matter to you? I'm just asking a question. No racist answers and don't say what race you're not attracted to. PS:
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When is ur Last Breath ????

Asked By: kl_00_wa7
Watch this befor u answer it.....plz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9HIEZN7XHk&mode=related&search= When is ur time??? where is ur future home??? staying in ur safe home next to the beach with friends FOREVER??? Do u care about it??? who will protect u....that Rock band with Hot faces whos posters are all around ur room?? ur classmates that hangout with u every saturday??? ur sweet HONEY...that she/he will die if u dun call tonight?? no ...no ... no... u r wrong....
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How come so may people claim they are not racist, or prejudice and they really are?

Asked By: I luv me some chris breezy
I have saw so many people talk about emo's, people that like rap, blacks, whites, mexicans, and yet they claim that they are not racist or prejudice. Why is it that so many people try to say they are not racist or prejudice, but yet they fit the profile?? Just curious
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Interracial Question for White Men...?

Asked By: Kaysha
This Is A Question For WHITE MEN Only! (i luv mi sistas, but don't answer this one) Do you like Black Women? Why or Why not? Have you ever dated a Black Women? Why or Why Not? PLEASE, keep it clean. Thanks!
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Uhh...am I racist or sumthin?

Asked By: Anonymous
i'm brasilian all the way but umm i only seemed to be interestd in brown skin tone bois? is this wrong? i realli can't help it !!
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Under the conservative or republican society, how are the middle and working class affected?

Asked By: phsiungus
I am curious to knowing this. What happens to the middle class and working class under the republican or conservative society while the wealthy get richer along with tax breaks?
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Why are these RASCIST questions being allowed?

Asked By: PC
Why are these RASCIST questions being allowed?
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chinese CHINESE?? not from china???

Asked By: Anonymous
okay this is a question. in the wikipedia, I searched for wwe wrestling, why do they refer jimmy wang yang as "asian-american wrestler"??? he wasn't even born in asia, he was born in america. and he lives in america. ... the same thing with gail kim, born in canada!! and yet they HAVE to label them "asian-american wrestler" why not just "american wrestler"? or "canadian wrestler" okay fine, they are of asian descent and so maybe they thought adding an "asian" would describe them better. so what about booker T who is black? why doesn't they refer to him as "african american wrestler" then? why the discrimination. booker T is black. shelton benjamin is black. orlando jordon is black. but all I see on wikipedia is them being labelled as "american wrestlers" so what is the point? asians can't be real americans? cuz they'll always be ching chong chow mein and fried rice, broken english, another jackie chan!! kung fu fighter bruce lee?? is that alll the asians are to americans u
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