what would you think?

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How would you feel when your partner told you that he doesn't feel christmassy?? does that mean he doesn't enjoy celebrating christmas with you and misses someone else? what should you do?
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Mother In Law Woes.?

Asked By: brittneyafoster
Aside from his mother refusing to let go of her 29 year old son who is ready to get married and start a family with me, he and I have major issues with his mother. I am more than respectful to her and nice and haven't spoken my mind and for his sake, I doubt that I ever will. However, he is Puerto Rican and Sicilian. I am biracial mixed with Black, Asian, and Indian. When we start living together as a married couple though, I would love to prepare the meals that he loves so much by her. I have called and even when I was with her, I asked her 4 times for several recipes of Puerto Rican food(recipes her mother in law gave to her) and Italian recipes from her family. I have yet to get them. I am determined to prepare authentic meals for my fiancee, but I dont understand 1) Why she is refusing to give them to me?
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Why do mothers worry so much when it comes to boys??

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Why do mothers worry so much when it comes to boys??
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why r little brother so stupid?

Asked By: esterlyn v
seriously all he does is play video games
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A gift box ideas for my 19 year old brother.?

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Hi.. My brother will be turning 19 this sept and i thought of getting a gift box with many ideal gifts for a guy of his age.So i need suggestion of wat items are suitable for him. I can't afford very expensive items, so the gifts have to be creative and at an affordable price. He is a person who loves playing soccer and is also in touch with his metrosexual side. But i know that he would not like to recieve gifts like watches and i need wacky ideas. Here are wat some of the items i thought of putting into the gift box...Collared tee,boxers,a funny sign for his bedroom door,a funny tee....and i still need more to fill the i need more ideas... Thanks...
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what do i say to that...?

Asked By: damiens_mommy_05
my hubby and i are both 21 and we have a 19 month old little boy... we were high school sweethearts and i got pregnant a little too early... before we were ready... we have always had money issues... right now we a re both full-time students at the community college near our house... we were driving an my hubby told me that he put his 1970 4 door chevelle up for sale... this was his first car and even though he hasn't really touched it since june 2004 i know he loves it... he told me he put it up for $500 everything must go... he paid $500 for the car and put about $5000 into parts for it...and i told him he shouldn't have sold it and that if we hadn't gotten together he would have it done and be racing it right now... and then he said yeah and if we weren't together i'd prolly be working in a body shop making $20 an hour...then a few minutes later he said but i would trade that for him (our son) any day... i was already crying because i feel like it's my fault we're so bad off...
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How would you feel if your father or no one in the family called to tell you that your newborn niece died?

Asked By: Army mom
Ok, Im just wanting peoples opinions on this. My husband is a deputy, and he works with my father. The sheriff's office had their thanks giving dinner for their employee's today, and when my husband showed up, they were saying a prayer for everyone and made sure to include my father and his for his new born grandchild that passed away this morning. Well, my husband calls me asking me about it, thinking that I knew something about it. I was shocked, and hurt that I knew nothing about it at all. I didnt even know that my brother had a pregnant girlfriend!!!! Thats how much my dads side of the family includes me in on things, and what makes it even harder is that my dad only lives 5 minutes away from me... He never calls me, Im the one that has to do all the calling and checking in. Well, I know people get busy in life, Lord knows Im a very busy person. Between doctor visits for me and my daughter who is autistic, I stay VERY busy, so I understand. I just dont understand why my dad couldnt have called me to tell me this news. It hurt real bad to know that my dads side of the family thinks so little of me. Does anyone have any opinions on how I should handle this? I feel so bad for my brother and his girlfriend. Im going to continue to pray for them, I always have for my whole family. I just hope and pray that in the future that they will call me for any reason, I want to know, they just dont never want to call me. I just dont understand...
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I think there might be something wrong with my daughter.She is kind of crazy and likes blood and murder.?

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she is also obsessed with famous serial killers and horror movies.she enjoys other peoples pain as well.I dont know if this will help find a better answer but she is a "juggalette" but i do not know what that means.
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Do you know you have a favorite among your children, or do your parents openly favor you or another sibling?

Asked By: sustasue
I don't have any children, but my mother has favored my older brother all his life, even when he didn't deserve it, (and that was most of the time). As a result he has become self centered, spoiled and arrogant. She always defends his bad behavior and makes excuses for him, ever since we were children. Myself and my younger brother have always known that he is her favorite. I just want to know if anyone else has this experience. A lot of parents wont admit favoring one child over the other, due to guilt or denial. Honest, sincere responses only. Thanx.
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how would I add my step-fathers name to my birth certificate?

Asked By: bear-lover
my birth certificate currently does not have a fathers name on it.
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