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drama help?

Asked By: Anonymous
ok i need help! i have drama ssessment tomorrow, and i need some advice! i need to play an agry girl, and she is angry because her sister took her boyfriend, so i threaten her before thhe wedding aand then she pushes me. i then tell my boyfriend that i love him and she stabs me. can anyone give me tips on how to act this or add humor to this . many thanks
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What does mezzo mean?

Asked By: Anonymous
What does mezzo mean?
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Anybody got any ideas for an office christmas skit??

Asked By: trouble25652
I work in an office with a total of 7 women, including myself. who have to put on a christmas skit for all the other "offices" in the building.. something funny but not too long... any ideas???
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Who can help me with a phone, fax & address for a Zauder bro in Freeport New York I am looking for face paint.

Asked By: Bridgette B
Looking for Carnival Makeup set/sticks (grease) used for face painting. The Zauder address is needed but will take any info of a company that I can order these paints from. Thank you for your help. oh....I tried, so I really need the exact address or number.
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Ok so I'm going to an audition?

Asked By: Kylie
It's for a non-speaking role, but it is one of the main characters. I need to know how to do well with facial acting though. What are some good ideas on practicing this?? I have about a week to practice. So any advice is good!
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do you like them?

Asked By: Anonymous
hey everyone! I'm doing a survey, Did any of you that are in NZ go to the chch Muse concert??? thanx alot xoxo
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I need to find a monologue for an audition? Help?

Asked By: thatonekid
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cuantos tipos de teatro hay y cuales son?

Asked By: Anonymous
cuantos tipos de teatro hay y cuales son?
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how do i get to audition for disney..or how do i get an agent for disney/how do i get to act for disney?

Asked By: blueangel
Im 14..i would like to act for disney since its always been my inexpirienced..and unfortunately disney doesnt have a branch in my country.....plz help me...plz?
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Some help on "The Importance of Being Earnest"?

Asked By: Katie
Alright, I am having some difficulty on understanding this play. Can somebody how the characters are related. I know Algernon is the owner of the house, and Lane is the servant *Is this person male or female?* Jack is Algernon's friend? Idk. Lol. Am I wrong on these? I think I could understand the play better if I knew how the character coincide with each other. Can anybody tell me? We have Algernon Jack Lane Gwendolyn Cecily? Lady Bracknell *Algernon's wife?* Miss Prism Chasuble Merriman And what is a "Bunburyist"? Any help on the play at all would be great! I appreciate it!
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