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Homeschool socialization?

Asked By: sals_flute93@sbcglobal.net
I've almost convinced my mom to let me self-homeschool, but she's concerned about me being alone during the day (she works and my dad lives in another town). Does anybody have any suggestions, comments, etc. to help me out? Only serious answers please. Thank you!
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is anyone out there home schooled??? if so i need your help! writing a paper about this?

Asked By: Anonymous
if you are please answer these few question 1. is it a good thing or bad thing? 2. what r the benefits you get from it? 3. is it faster? 4. what has to be done to make it count as real school? 5.whats your name and age? 6.do you like it? 7.was it something you wanted or forced todo? and last 8.do you ever wish to go to a public school? if your thinking y am i asking these question its cause i have to write a paper about home schooled students and convince my teacher y people should do it or y we should not. i really need help. thank you for your time.
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i live in austin tx, do you know the best course online for real estate??

i live in austin tx, do you know the best course online for real estate??
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A Home school question ?

Asked By: More-Etti
I'm starting highschool omorrow,and my mother and I talked and I would attend highschool for 9th be homeschooled for 10th possibly 11th then she wants to see me graduate though so i'll be heading back [to public school]12th grade can I do this?If yes is there a way we can keep contact with the school to keep up with my credits,like P.E. for example I just need 3 credits I'll finish 2 in 9th and If I get homeschooled for 10th can I finsh my last P.E. credit during summer? Sorry if this is confusing please let me know if I need to be more specific. Thank you
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Home school chemistry laboratory. How can a parent who is not a chemist cope with lab work?

Asked By: Richard
I have a degree in chemistry and years of chemistry lab teaching experience. I know how difficult it is to teach a chem lab. How is it possible for home schoolers to perform this without cheating their students (children)?
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Why homeschool?

Asked By: Anonymous
why do people homeschool there child? I love the idea but i just want to know what is so great about this concept.
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what is a good excuse for not doing your school homework?

Asked By: Anonymous
i need it for school'
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if your homeschooled how do u get your diploma then?

Asked By: Anonymous
i heard some places give u a certificate of completion instead whats the difference between that and a diploma?
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Home School Help?

Asked By: Anonymous
Speaking from my friends point of view what are some sites in which I can find about homeschooling my child. I don't mean online home schools. I am asking for sites to educate my child through mail and stuff. I've been informed about it but never get a true link. Thanx!!!!!
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Were people of the past unsocialized?

Asked By: glurpy
Antihomeschoolers often make comments such as: "The kids won't make any friends." "They won't learn any social skills." "The won't learn to deal with problem people." "They won't learn how to work with others." "They don't have enough contact with other people." So, what, before mass schooling, people lacked these qualities?
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