anterior/posterior view vs lateral? (broken leg xrays)?

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hi. i broke my leg in september and im due to get my full leg cast off on weds. i went for xrays today and the bone is all together for the most part. the lateral view looks PERFECT but the anterior/posterior view looks the same since the first round of xray's in october, except with no gap.. the bone is still not set straight, it's still sticking out to the right. should i not be expecting to get my cast off this week?
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Should i be worried????? Plz help!?

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Alright so on Saturday the 26th my friend accidentally hit me in the head with a dictionary.. it swelled up really fast! It hurt pretty bad when she was hitting me but after it didn't hurt other than moving my face and touching it. Now 3 days afterward i got a HORRIBLE head ache! It was a super sharp pain going strait into were i got hit to the back of my head! Its now been 5 days since i got hit and i still have a head ache! Should i be worried? I asked a nurse (my sis in law) and she told me she thinks i should get a cat scan just to be safe. She looked a little worried. What should i do??
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My boyfrien'ds leg, starting from knee down to ankle, is really swollen, bruised, and bumpy, What could it be?

Asked By: Mayra P
He has had really bad swelling, bruising, and like almost knots or bumps on his leg. It bruises up the most when he stands for a long time and he says he feels a lot of pain 'cause of that. He's had it like this for a little over 2 weeks now. Does anybody have any idea what it could be?
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Does anyone know how to keep from getting back spasms. The kind that just happend when you aren't moving?

Asked By: deb c
The doctor says I get them because of stress. They happen when I'm not doing anything or times when I haven't been doing anything. I am wondering if it is a nutritional thing? Anyhow, they knock me out of commission for a week or two and are really painful. It makes it so I'm scarred to just move at all. Help.
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Broken Bones and Rainy Weather- Why Does It Cause Pain?

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I have broken both of my legs in my lifetime, and for about the first year, whenever it rained ( or came very close ), my leg would hurt for a day. The doctor warned me about this, but I thought he was just joking. Thank you in advance.
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i hurt mt tailbone bout 7yrs just starting hurting really woried..pls help! i fell 3 stairs ?

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i fell 3 wooden stairs down and i remember it hurting for about a wk then it went away and never got it checked out. i notice the pain when i bend over to get something. has anybody ever heard of it becoming caner? im scared..i am going to set up an appointment...just want to hear some advise...thanks!
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What type of accident would rupture the spleen lacerate the kidney and fracture 6 ribs and a vertebra?

Asked By: ASgross
What type of accident would rupture the spleen lacerate the kidney and fracture 6 ribs and a vertebra?
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knee problems after running?

Asked By: kass
hi, one day about 1 month ago I was running and i pushed throw pain I couldnt take in my knee and I still feel it today. I went to doctor and they said nothing is wrong and xray say same thing. What is it I can do to help this problem? english is my 3rd language so please dont make fun, yahoo doesnt offer answers in mine native language.
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What sort of doctor, chiropracter, therapist would you reccomed?

Asked By: Bonnie F
I had a car accident about a year and a half ago, I ended up with whiplash, curved spine and a shifted rib, and the chiropracter I saw seemed concerned about a disk in my neck. I was just released from care in December. I am now 7 months pregnant, and am having a variety of problems with the injury site. The options I see are as follows: returning to my previous chiropracter, or going to a pregnancy massage therapist, I don't currently have a gp since I move around a lot, but seeing one could be another option. Any other options and advice are appreciated.
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I need to find a ortherpedic surgeon in Portland Oregon?

Asked By: Angie R
because of a chest trauma my ribs continue to pop out I need help
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