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what if a knee all of a sudden just swells up..what is that a symptom of?

Asked By: chico
what is it from....it doesnt hurt it just swell up...please help!!!!!!!
2 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

My feet are ALWAYS FREEZING!! How do I solve this problem?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have to put on 3 pairs of socks and my toes are STILL slightly cold. My feet are cold because of the winter or the air conditioning in my house. Changing the temp of the air conditioning doesn't help because then I'd be too hot. And my freezing feet are always a problem when I am in bed with someone. If you can't suggest any solution, are there any really good socks out there? Particular brands or particular fabrics that can warm my feet better than Hanes socks? I'd prefer the ankle socks. Thank you!
10 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Does anyone know of any ways to speed up recovery from a cold?

Asked By: Sarah
I am going to Slovakia on Thursday (about 5 days from now), and I have just gotten a bad cold. I will be competing in an athletic event there and I cannot afford to be sick. Any suggestions for how to get better quicker will be greatly appreciated, however if it is any medication keep in mind that I am limited to what I can take due to the drug rules for the competition. Thanks!
2 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

How do i poop?!?!?!?!? LOL!!!?

Asked By: trl.
im being really silly right now and need your real answers that you would say.....tell me hoe to poop step by step....LOL!!!
3 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Your lasik monovision experiences?

Asked By: LisaLisaLisa
I had lasik monovision 10 days ago. Although I saw quite clearly (but not 20/20) for a couple of days afterward, the following week was very difficult with lots and lots of fluxuation in both eyes, and at work eye strain and irritation. The doctor is encouraging and advises patience, but I'd love a pep talk or advice from anyone who's had monovision lasik. At this point I'm not sure what's affecting my vision - adjusting to mono or the healing process. My next follow up with the doc is in two weeks. I'm disappointed that I didn't see perfectly the very next day - as I've lots of friends who had it, and did!
5 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

Marlboro Cigarettes Store Clerk Question?

Asked By: bold4bs
To all store clerks: When a Customer only asks for Marlboro, why do you have to ask whether its menthol, medium, 100's, lights or ultra lights. Marlboro is Marlboro, pure and simple. For those people that ask for Marlboro and really want a variation of it, they should be told that us store clerks are not mind readers. Be specific of what you ask for. Why do the rest of us have to suffer for other peoples mistakes?
10 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

my fingers!!!?

Asked By: Anonymous
at the start of fall every year the skin on my fingers peels after i take a shower. i have a habit of biting them and then after a couple of days they get all red cuz bite it down so much and it hurts really bad! it gets to a point where i cant even touch things with them. does any one have this same problem or know what it is? i just cant stand it anymore
1 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

knock knee problems?

Asked By: Anonymous
i have knock knees and one is way worse than the other. when i run or bend or use my legs my knees hurt really bad and will pop out of place sometimes. is this because i have knock knees and can i get that fixed because it hurts. i also have flat feet so that might be why i have knock knees. does anyone know any treatments to get rid of them or help fix them so it doesnt hurt?
1 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

I want to live in the country, I get hay fever. Is hay fever permanent or can u adapt with time?

Asked By: nicechap
I take tablets which help but I would rather not take them forever
3 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

What can you do with an EMT certification?

Asked By: Anonymous
What can you do with an EMT certification?
3 Answer(s) · 15 years ago