What should I get my girlfriend for Christmas?

Asked By: Anonymous
We've been dating for about 5 months now and I thought i'd get her sumthing. also, what shud i get my friends? the same as my gf or sumthing less special?
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Ideas on a homemade, meaningful christmas gift for my boyfriend?

Asked By: o___0
I have absolutely no money, and we agreed not to get each other gifts, but I reaaaaally want to get my boyfriend something for christmas :/ I was thinking a photo album, but in the 10 months we've been together, we've hardly taken any pictures. We've been dating for 10 months on the 28th, I really need ideas on something I could make him! Any ideas are helpful, even if you don't know anything about us any ideas would be great! thank you :D The most money I'd be able to spend would be about $10 or $15... Probably only for materials and such. Thank you!
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What are some cool new gifts out for christmas?

Asked By: onlyiknow22
Im a 16 year old male
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Did you believe in Santa as a kid because the newscasters on local news said Santa Claus was coming?

Asked By: Anonymous
Actually when I was a kid I wasn't convinced when my parents told me. I thought everything on the news was true so I trusted the news anchors at that time.
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Alright, I need a last minute christmas present for my dad...?

Asked By: Anonymous
He is 48 years old, Loves the Florida Gators, Graduated from the University of Central Florida, likes to play golf a lot, watches quite a bit of tv when not working, loves football, likes mountain biking and also likes reading... I have like 20 bucks and i got my car taken away so my only means of transportation is a bike... only close stores are target, and k mart..
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Decorations for gingerbread house?

Asked By: Anonymous
So im making a gingerbread house for xmas and have no idea of decorations to put
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what are yalls christmas traditions?

Asked By: Kristen
i have an hour and 45 min. left at work im soooooo tired and soooo bored so i want to kno what yalls xmas traditions are!!! my xmas tradiation that i will always remeber is on xmas eve we would go to church go over to my granmas after and eat snacky finger foods and then open presents then xmas day we would wake up early go out and see what "santa" left us! then we would all hang out and play games and then eat xmas dinner!! its all changed now tho cuz ive moved out and split the holidays between my family and my boyfriends family! and it sux i miss those days i wish i 12 again just to have xmas like that again!! lol so what are yalls christmas traditions???? merry christmas and happy new year by the way!
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What was your favorite dish from Christmas dinner?

Asked By: Anonymous
What was your favorite dish from Christmas dinner?
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Do you think this would be a good christmas present ...?

Asked By: cowgirl953
For my boyfriend ..i was thinking a wallet with movie tickets inside and maybe a little note saying something
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What should I get my friends for Christmas?

Asked By: Anonymous
So at school I have a lot of good friends but not like a small group of the closest friends. I wasn't planning on getting gifts for them because I would have to get gifts for all of them and thats wayyyy too many. I also thought none of them would be getting me gifts either. But then I saw a few of them making Christmas Lists of what they were gonna get their friends, including me. I want to bring in gifts but I don't know how to give it to just a few of them. I also don't have time to go shopping for individual gifts. The most I'll probably get to is Stop and Shop or CVS. I was thinking about getting some bags of candy and giving it to everyone. Is that a good idea? What type do you think I should get?
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