What is a unique halloween costume for a teen not at all revealing!!!!?

Asked By: smartiegirl
Not sexy! Unique! Cute!
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Good location, decorations, etc. for halloween party?

Asked By: starfish
Hey plannin to throw a halloween party but i need some ideas. Also, not just game ideas are super good too. I was thinking like a costume dance teen party. Maybe at like baseball park, rec park, etc. where we could have a big tent to have a halloween party in. we would have snacks and a DJ and maybe play some scary movies in the background. But any great ideas are good. Also, im only 13 so i cant really use Alll that much money but a few bucks to put out are ok XD thx!
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Asked By: ylime666
ok i have a halloween dance at school tonight..at my school they do alot of group costumes...no one goes alone...but me and my friends need a quick idea thats easy to make with stuff at home..nothing stupid like peanut butter and jelly or crayons..its been done..thanks
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Should I dress up as Batman when I go to work tomorrow? It's Halloween tomorrow.?

Asked By: Anonymous
Should I dress up as Batman when I go to work tomorrow? It's Halloween tomorrow.?
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weirdos-can they contaminate u?

Asked By: goodperson
ok.. this is a rlly ODD scenario but here goes. im in the 9th grade and the kinda pple in my school are those who act like childish rtards, and do the stupidest weirdest things.. they are loud and noisy and beat each other up over silly things like candy bars. its the 9th grade-grow up is all i can tell them. i dont rlly care about them or what they do, but ive noticed being in that environment has kind of made me less mature and more wierd/childish/rtarded. what do i do?
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any ideas for a turtle shell costume???

Asked By: mommy
of course I'm asking this the day before Halloween, but I'm making my son a TMNT costume and i haven't got a clue how to make a turtle shell, any ideas???????
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Scary Halloween costume ideas?

Asked By: ?
I was something kinda "cute" last Halloween, so this Halloween, I want to be something scary. It doesn't have to be over the top though, (unless you have a good idea). =] I'm 15, with light blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, if this helps. Any ideas? Please don't say witch =P
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Halloween activities for a 1st grade party.?

Asked By: Mr kenkoy
Something fun and creative.
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Halloween Recipes?

Asked By: Anonymous
I need links!
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What are the most popular costumes for this Holloween.?

Asked By: The Phenomenal One AJ Styles
What are the most popular costumes for this Holloween.?
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