Martial Arts

can i get certified in bruce lee jeet kune do by video?

Asked By: s t
Noone here teaches it, only have tkd....are there any legit jkd video training series that can lead to a recognized teaching level? Ive had karate/bjj and would love to be the first teacher of jkd here. thanks. if no video certification,,anyone recommend a standard jkd set?
2 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

do you have to have brass polish in the media to clean dirty brass?

Asked By: Boss Hog
if so what are some good types and where can i get some.
4 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

I live in milpitas, is there a gym where i can train?

Asked By: John
umm is there a gym in milpitas where i can practice tricking(fliping), like somewhere with wrestling mats.
3 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

What are the 50 most common street attacks?

Asked By: THE_Sparkchaser ATL
I'm just curious: I've been around for a day or two, seen quite a number of "street" fights, unfortunately been involved in a couple, but for the life of me I am unable to identify more than a handful of attacks that are commonplace. It appears that we have a "street" expert in our midst, so I would like to respectfully and humbly ask said "expert" if he would be so kind as to enlighten all of us on just what these 50 attacks are, so that we may better prepare ourselves to be as skillful in our dealings with "street" situations as he. To any others who have knowledge on what these 50 attacks are, your input would be MOST welcome, as I have only had 20 years of military training martial arts study, and feel that without this particular knowledge, my training will be incomplete and ineffective.
10 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

Is there any way to practice martial arts such as Judo without a partner?

Asked By: Max360
I want to practice martial arts at home without using family members
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

how do you pronouce "buakaw"?

Asked By: conor
he's a K-1 fighter(anyone who answers would know that) from thailand, I'm just curious about the pronunciation.
3 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Gordon Fisher?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hey anybody here heard of Gordon Fisher sensei(iaido Practitioner).
1 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Where on the internet can I find spoilers for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Mir / Nogueira?

Asked By: csandbach23
Where on the internet can I find spoilers for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Mir / Nogueira?
2 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

is learning self defence worth it?

Asked By: Anonymous
in those high intensity situations, i doubt i'll ever use a move like instincts like i need to. the best i'll do it probably standard fight and normal 'instinctive' human attacks like punch
9 Answer(s) · 11 years ago

When was the katana sword developed?

Asked By: Anonymous
What period of Japanese history was it
3 Answer(s) · 13 years ago