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What is the best reference book publisher?

Asked By: jake s
Princeton Review? Barron? McGraw-Hill?
1 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

Which is better? A 29 on the ACT or an 1810 on SAT?

Asked By: Cydney -
How do you tell? Just percentages or what? This is the SAT breakdown if it matters: Critical reading 680 Math 510 Writing 620
3 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

What happens if you miss the psat?

Asked By: Anonymous
todays the psat and i have a stomache virus so my mom made me stay home. is there another date i can take it? or do i just not get to take it this year?
3 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

SAT... Sending the best scores?

Asked By: GOT2NO
I'm taking the SAT in October and December, and I need to send my scores to a school by January... If i don't send the scores until the December test, will my best scores be sent to the school, or do i need to send both of the results to the school? Also, i need to raise my score from 1700 to 2000... any helpful suggestions, would be greatly appreciated! Tyvm
2 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Why is that?

Asked By: Pretty
Why is that when I'm feeling confident about passing a test and I studied really hard, I fail. But when I don't study that much and don't have a confident, I pass.
2 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

What does a GED look like?

Asked By: Anonymous
What does a GED look like?
5 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

how do you send SAT score reports to a summer school?

Asked By: LWLW
cuz on the college board webbie it says that 'a print out of this page will not be accepted . . .'
1 Answer(s) · 12 years ago

what exactly are the TOEFL and the SAT ?

Asked By: killeur killeur
i don't live in the US ...i'd like to know about it ...;-)
2 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

Is 1340 a bad score for taking the SAT for the first time?

Asked By: Tony D.
Is 1340 a bad score for taking the SAT for the first time?
6 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

physics SAT 2?

Asked By: mli2690
do you have to memorize the equations and formulas for the physics subject test? or will they be given to you on a sheet...I'm not sure because our school always gives us formulas in return for a much harder test and stuff, so just wondering if its the same deal as with the SAT?
3 Answer(s) · 14 years ago