Why does every domestic policy idea of Obama's involve either higher taxes or....?

Asked By: Captain
some sort of wealth redistribution? Nationalizing health care. Windfall profits tax. Energy "rebate", Higher taxes on the wealthy, higher cap gains tax, etc., etc., etc. And before you lash into me about rich people, just know that I have no problem with the rich being rich. My wife and I are not "rich" but my folks are and I assure that they work harder than any bum Obama wants to give their money to. Why should the wealthy be penalized for success? Is this the "change" you want?
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Since one of my co-workers is African Ameican...should I congratulate him about Obama ?

Asked By: Zaphod B
I have heard that blacks having a viable presidential candidate is a "milestone"? But I'm not all that good with etiquette in these matters. Are congratulations in order? And should I send a greeting card?
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Who do you want to win in the election?

Asked By: Alex L
A Obama B Mcain C None D Both E Wish Hilary was in the election F Want bush to continue
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Considering the economic crisis, how will a Democratic president help the situation right now?

Asked By: Al Bundy
This is the sole reason I'm not voting Democrat this election! I don't think that NOW is the time to raise taxes to implement socialized programs. How does that promote economic growth? We NEED to fix the economy and the Democrats just can't do it! If you raise the tax on any corporation, they'll simply close up shop and move overseas, (or to Mexico or Canada). Why is that so hard to comprehend? Their products would still be sold here and they would gladly pay the tariffs on imports coming in to U.S. as compared to the astronomical tax they'd have to pay to STAY here! If the economy was stronger, I can see this tax as being acceptable because there would be another company to "take the place" of the departed, but NOT NOW...once the jobs are lost, they aren't coming back! Since the economy seems to be the "HUB" of all other issues, this is why I'll be voting Republican this election!
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Why are states' presidential primaries scheduled on different days?

Asked By: Richard
The current system leads to states fighting over who's first and an unfair weighting of states. What's wrong with a national primary day? Any thoughts?
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what are McCain's and Obama's plans for Government Spending?

Asked By: JEZ
what are their plans on how the government should cut spending?
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What kind of new majic are McCain or Obama going to bring?

Asked By: Shamir
The deficit will be in very huge due to promised and into law already entitlements of every sort and kind. To tax rich more or quit waring would save peanuts compared to these entitlements that are due and being paid. What sort of majic are either of these two going to work to bring us all those good things they are promising?
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Obama for or against gay marriage?

Asked By: 10 minutes late
Why is this in so much debate? Joe Biden admitted during the VP debates that their platform is AGAINST gay marriage... So why do many liberals claim that he does?
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Will someone please explain the william ayres OBAMA scandal? is there one?

Asked By: manifesto
I heard some guys at work talking about it.
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what president lost the electoral college vote and popular vote but still became president?

Asked By: Mackay
what president lost the electoral college vote and popular vote but still became president?
7 Answer(s) · 14 years ago