Baby Names

Just for fun, What baby names?

Asked By: .♥.Carter due Nov 23.♥.
What are you naming your expected baby? I love to see all of the differences!! I am naming my son Carter Ray, but if I were to have a girl she would be Ellie Jane Elizabeth.
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Please help me with my twins' names?

Asked By: ♥ • [мαε] • ♫♪
I've been asking this question all day... I'm sorry... {Different answers each time... I'm getting great feedback and new ideas too!} Here's the original question;;_ylt=AqEU2G26RiYv6KaM4MfBUpvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081210061003AAI1vRb And here's the one I asked about half an hour ago; So, I'm having twins; a boy and a girl. I'm keeping the boy's name, but I'm thinking about changing the girl's name. Boy's; Everett Levi Girl's; Effie Calypso I've just fallen in love with the name Emerson for my girl {I know at least five girls with that name}, so possibly Emerson Calypso? {The last name is Hutton-Yelizaveta} Here are some other names we liked for the girlee; { * = Really liked... } -Emeralda -Esmera* -Fern -Pascal -Rosen* -Evelyn -Astrid -Piper* -Sunny* -Leighla* -Evangeline -Artemis* Thanks! {We want the name to be original and different, just not too over the top like... Seaweed or LaFonzo or something... Haha} ;-]
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what one of these names for a baby girl?

Asked By: Anonymous
i have a 12 year old daughter Sierra(Jamie.) then i have a step daughter Elli(Altman) who is 12 and i have a real daughter Kasey(Altman) who is 4. i'm pregnant with a baby girl. me and my husband have thought of a few names, which ones do you like best? also, do you like my kids names? Sierra was born near the sierra nevadas=] Priscilla Morgan Casandra Addie Briella
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If you saw these name spelled this way would you think, 'doesn't matter' or 'not good'?

Asked By: Cindy; mum to 3 monkeys!
Loren (rather than Lauren, not pronounced Law-wren) Zahra (rather than Zara) Jaxon (rather than Jackson) Zavier (rather than Xavier) what would you think? are they still easily recognisable?
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Do all these names go together and what do they mean?

Asked By: Anonymous
Like, not like I am NOWHERE NEAR ready for a baby yet... But, do you think this names nice for a girl, Rhiannon Lily-May Park. My second names Park, So please don't say "change it" . Anyway, I like names that are different. Should I put it as MAE or MAY,,, and if you know... what do they mean. (Rhiannon Lily-May by the way) Thanks xxx
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Middle name to go with Ethan?

Asked By: underoath_000
We need a good middle name to go with the first name Ethan and last name Lewis. We kind of like Maxwell, but it reminds me of the
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I have two questions. First, do you like the name Jacob for a babby boy?

Asked By: Slappetta (TOP CONTRIBUTOR)
Secondly, who is your favorite Beanus Breaker? As you know, there is some major friction in the group now given that Don Glarr and Jilibean are suspected of committing some very heinous crimes.
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My husband likes Cash for a boy name and I like Tessa for a girl?

Asked By: Amber B
what would be good names to pair with those?
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What do you think of my childrens names.....?

Asked By: Emma
Oliver David Emily Jade and soon to be Cleo Nicola what do you think of them?
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Please Help with baby boy name?

Asked By: Anonymous
I really need help coming up with a name for our son!! His middle name will be Miguel and his last name will be Rivera. I need a spanish sounding name that goes good with these two. We are a mexican-american family so nothing to far out there. Please help!!!
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