15 years ago

how to build a loft for reading?

I want to build a loft for my classroom. Anyone have one I would like to get plans to have one built
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15 years ago
You could use sturdy bunkbeds. Put slated sides on the top with a space to crawl in and out. Also attach the ladder very well to the bedsand don't leave it lose because that can cause accidents!Then cover part of it on one end and about 1/4 th on the front with a paper tree so the kiddos will think they are hidden in a cozy reading nook but you will still be able to see them well. Make one of the large trees with the brown (comes on large rolls)bulletin board paper twisted for limbs. Use several lengths of crumpled paper from the floor to the ceiling to make a substantial trunk. Drape the limbs from the trunk outward and attach to the ceiling at different lengths.You can drape across some and make it thicker by using different thicknesses of limbs. For a unique tree, use green letters that can be cut with the letter block press dealy(hey it is late and I can't think of it's name!). You can cut several at a time or have an aide do it,if you are fortunate enough to have one! Make several of each letter and use as the leaves.Then you will have a tree of knowledge or reading treehouse.You can build the trunk around a bookcase and have a treasure chest/box of progress charts in the bottom to use for kids reaching their goals. You could also have stuffed or paper mache or pottery animals in and around the tree. They will be in handy during animal lesson time. Just try to make it mutifunctional since it will take up space as most do. My neice teaches K and used an old claw foot tub with pillows in it. Just 2 at a time could use it though. Another teacher used an old tv/stereo console and put carpet in the interior and a couple of pillows but only 1 could fit in it. She had other floor pillows,etc. but the kids always wanted to get IN something and hurried to get 1st choice for the console! I just had a thought for a smaller version of the bunkbeds. Use an old buffet and remove one side of doors or drawer so it could always stay open. Put rails around the top with slats for privacy and then the tree. It could fit well into a corner and use less space but only 2 could use it at a time.The bbeds would fit 4-6 kids at once. I saw another one that was a platform up about 5 ft.with the play house kit,ironing,chair,couch,dress up clothes, etc. under it. It was very functional and used daily as 2 areas during their time for art,play house, reading,crafts, math help, etc. I hope I hav ehelped. I love designing and decorated lots of rooms when I taught. I painted scenes on walls and did all kinds of fun stuff! I love thinking up creative lessons also so if you ever need me, just contact me. I'm at home most of the time now. Best wishes!