15 years ago

Where do people get the idea that the south and new york are dislike each other when it comes to hip hop?

I mean I live in DC, but I don't understand why people think that the south and new york are hatin on each other. I've been to New York, Miami and Atlanta. I love em all. The actual cities and the hip hop and african american music scene in general. I must admit that New York has the most amazing skyline views out of any city I've seen in the south, midwest or west. But the music scene is great in all of them. I do feel that people forget that New York is the most important city in hip hop even if they might not be the hottest. But they poularized hip hop in the US. That's how it got to the south in the first place, New York did that. But I love everywhere. It's a dream of mine to have a house in every major hip hop city. New York, Miami, Atlanta, Philidelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, St Louis and and the list goes on. People say that New York started the whole beef thing with the south, But I can't see how they started it. They might have said things the the south took offense to.
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15 years ago
Hey kid, I'm a Sotherner(N.C.), easy asnswer geography. We are American, stay true to what you wrote about,. You are the new generation, one day it will not be about where or what (your rap) but who. Who you are as a person., an a man as a son. Till then. dawn