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How common is idiopathic Anaphylaxis?

I've suffered from unknown allergies for over 13 years now. I suffer to varying degrees of anaphylaxis everyday and keep it in check with antihistimines, (not the non-drowsy kind). Carry an epipen as well. I find it difficult to find other people such as myself, that suffer like this, except my grandmother. Thanks for any feedback....maybe we can learn from each other.
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logu -
Minute amounts of allergens may cause a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis may occur after ingestion, inhalation, skin contact or injection of an allergen. The most severe type of anaphylaxis—anaphylactic shock—will usually lead to death in minutes if left untreated.Anaphylactic shock, the most serious of allergic reactions, is a life-threatening medical emergency because of rapid constriction of the airway, often within minutes of onset. Calling for help immediately is important, as brain and organ damage rapidly occurs if the patient cannot breathe. Anaphylactic shock requires immediate advanced medical care; but other first aid measures include rescue breathing (part of CPR) and administration of epinephrine (adrenaline).