15 years ago

about these job positions: logistics, receiving, stocking...?

As in store jobs, are logistics, receiving, and stocking pretty much the same thing? Or are they different? If so how do they differ? All I know is those people put the items in thr right section and arrange them... If you ever worked as one of these, was it a difficult position to work in? Is it really tiring or not?
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6 years ago
Logistics is a new Rating with the combination of Postal Clerk and Supply. So it will depend on what area you will be going into. Postal will be different from Supply. Then in Supply it will depend on where you will be going as well, Surface?Aviation?Submarines? You can work long hours sometimes, weekends as well as holidays. You can be stationed pretty much anywhere in the world. You can be in an office ordering parts or working in a warehouse with all the parts or in a post office itself.