14 years ago
crazy granny

What can I do before saturday?

I live in a duplex where I noticed some spots on the ceiling in the Dining room and the Landlady said it was paint, she would have her husband clean it. That was last March, I was cleaning it and it wasn't paint, but white mold, Univ. EPA took samples yesterday and Thurs. is day of results. Got sick and mold is in my cheek. Went to drs. and on anti biotic, do I have to pay rent if this **** has been there since March 06. What do I do and where do I get help. This is a slum lord and I have no money was sick for 2 months before I could go and get a job. Face looked like hell, took pictures.
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14 years ago
Amber D
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Sounds like you need to get a lawyer to me. This is a concern for your health and home.