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How good is salicylic acid when using on your face?

I have want to try a product called clean and clear . Its a dual action moisturizer with salicylic acid in it . It says on the bottom of the bottle that it helps treat and helps prevent pimples. What do you think about this product? It is oil free, lets make that clear. Now, I have used it before, and I think it works really good and you won't get many pimples if you use it on your face, but it seems when I do get a pimple or a couple it won't make it go away that quick.
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Well, it's a good cleaning product for your skin, although it can cause a reaction in people with sensitive skin. The problem with zits is that, in most cases, they are caused by hormones. So all the cleaners in the world won't necessarily help. Just follow these simple steps for clearer skin: 1. Keep your skin clean with products that are non-comodogenic and oil free. 2. Lightly moisturize with products that are non-comodogenic and oil free. You may think you don't need to moisturize but you do. If your skin get's too dry, the oil glands will go into overdrive and your zits could get worse. 3. Keep your hands away from your face no matter what. Your hands are a haven for dirt and germs. 4. Try to avoid chocolates and caffeine - sometimes that can make acne worse. 5. Don't panic - it will get better. :)