16 years ago

Do you think if they were to change the voting process on American Idol......?

from voting for your favorite person to voting off the worst singer that more people would vote? Why or Why not?
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16 years ago
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What they need to do is change their voting system to the way Dancing With The Stars does - (limited amount of votes per phone) at least that way the better singers would have more of a chance to advance. As far as I am concerned - Lakisha, Jordin and Melinda should automatically be given recording contracts because they are the best of the lot.
16 years ago
I actually had this conversation last week.. I think voting should be a combination of voting off the worst people AND voting for the best. The votes for a specific person would then be combined. Votes would "neutralize" each other leaving you with a net score. Any other system would only be addressing half of the urge to vote and would favor one specific voting group. This would make people who want to vote for their favorites vote more often. They would see it is a personl challenge to keep voting for their best choice. They could also unite to "devote" people who are targeted by anti idol "movements". It would make people who want to see idol go down attack on both sides..voting for the "worst" person and eliminating the "best " choice. There should be 2 seperate numbers to choose from for each contestant. Idol has been around for a while now and things need to be shaken up!
16 years ago
I think the girls of the View had a brilliant idea today. The way you vote is to buy a download of a song by the artist. This way you have to be willing to spend money to vote. None of this stuffing the ballot box for free. I am pretty sure they could strike a deal with itunes.