14 years ago

Lilly my hamsters eye is shut?

Lilly fell the other nite about 4 ft. Since then she will not open her left eye. She is active, eats, has drunk her water, and has no puss. After her fall, she was dazed, but now is better. What should we do? someone said tea or warm compress.
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14 years ago
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Better yet go get the eye checked out by a vet. She may have an injury to the eye it self. The result could be blindness in the eye. The dazed part was from the concussion she suffered. The vet can prescribe eye drops to help keep it from becoming infected and hopefully heal the eye. We got an unwanted at the pet store, she only had one eye and we were told she'd lost the other in a fight. We took her home and I called the vet, told him the story on her. We never had to take her in, he talked through how to check the eye myself. I have minor training in vet med. and he's teaching me more himself. Suprisingly she was never in any fight, but has a mutation of the genes that caused her to be born with an underdeveloped right eye. Part of an eye can be seen when she opens it, but she's blind in it.