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Whats The Best Way To Go traveling with a leopard Gecko?

Whats The Best Way To Go traveling with a leopard Gecko? My family's going on our annual vacation and I don't feel safe with it here left with my older brother.. What would you do? Btw, We're going by CAR and the drive is four hours and we're going to a vacation house so his needs wouldn't be a problem. Yes they have pet stores down there I just wanted to know if the ride would be safe?
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Four hours shouldn't be too much of a stressful trip for a leopard gecko, just make sure that during the trip he has as many of the things he normally has as you can provide (like a incandescent light during the trip wouldn't necessarily be feasible) Basically set him up with a travel container (preferable a smaller plastic container, with a hide, a small water dish. If he needs a heat source a great travel heater is a clean sock with rice in it, heat it up for about 30 seconds in the microwave. Don't actually put it in the take as your leo might lay one it and burn himself but it can be place under the tank to mimick a small heating pad, it will stay warm for about 2 hours.. Keep his tank away from a window especially if he is going to be traveling in a glass aquarium!!! It is very very easy to roast an animal alive this way. because heat will build in a tank like this even if it's well ventilated. I knew a guy once who roasted his ball python that way. It was cool in the car but the temp in his tank kept rising while he was driving. A glass aquarium is fine, just make sure it stays away from sun coming in from the windows. And since you are going with your parents this may not be an issue but try to keep the radio from being turned up to loud because the vibrations could agitate him.