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cocnerning the Glasshouse Hotel in Edinburg?

ok, is that hotel for high class only?? cause i looked at the price it's like 356.22 for a normal room?? like that is the lower price! is that for a day or for that particular lenght of time?? i cannot beleive it's that price per day!!
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Basement Bob
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Its a new 5 star hotel. Only for the elite. I wouldn't advise it unless you have more money than sense. You might get lower rates from this website http://www.hotelclub.net/hotel.reservations/Glasshouse_Hotel_Edinburgh_The.htm Floor-to-ceiling windows, beds so big you'll slumber sweet, the crispest Egyptian cotton bed linen, baths built to soak in long and deep… A lavender-scented roof garden, acres of sun-splashed patios and cool, shady verandas, eat and drink wherever you like… Service to your room day and night, shoes shined to a polished conker gleam, whiskies imbued with the character of their Highland home… You might be forgiven for assuming such a place must be a figment of your imagination. But behind the façade of the 150 year old Lady Glenorchy church, you'll find the clean, modern lines of The Glasshouse - a boutique hotel, but not as you know it. Voted by Conde Nast Traveller as one of the top 50 hottest hotels in the world. Winner of the 'Most Stylish Hotel' by the Scottish Style Awards. Winner 'Most Sexiest Hotel in Scotland' by Hotel Review Scotland. Awarded five star status by VisitScotland. PS it's spelt Edinburgh
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