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Want to Swap That Auto 240sx Sitting In Your Driveway For a 5 speed???

I have a step by step book on how to swap that S13 240sx auto transmission for a 5 speed for a cheap price!! Book lists the hurdles that I have ran into in the past that you won’t. This book shows how to properly disassemble the auto transmission and install all necessary parts for the 5 speed just like it came from the factory. It includes; tons of pictures, detailed instructions on wiring the five speed, torque specs, and the parts included that websites don’t tell you to buy. It’s as easy as 1 2 3. I did my swap and many others in 3 ½ hrs, and so can you. I also have the exact part numbers from Nissan for all the bolts/parts and other misc. parts you will need to complete this swap. $2.99 including shipping for this book. Email me at steer_napster@yahoo.com for any questions.
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15 years ago
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There you go getting there hopes up with a little work they can have a Silvia with a SR-20det motor and five speed drift car. I would like to see you take the intake manifold on and off to change a EGR vacuum solonid valve in as little as 3.5 hours. on a KA-24...Don't forget the water hoses and pvc hoses. Good luck