15 years ago

SkateboardTrucks- Which of these would be the best and most affordable trucks Phantom2s, Fury, or Navigator?

Ive dun sum serchin and i found these 3 trucks to be the best but which of these are the most affordable
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15 years ago
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i would say those are some of the badder brands u could get but if i had to choose between the 3 i would get the Furys. their are way better trucks though like Krux , Destructo, Venture, Thunder, Tensor, Grind King and Royals just to name a few. Krux seem to work best for me though. when it comes down to the price, the ones you mentioned are probably cheapest but your gonna find yourself having to buy new king pins and the bases on them will chip easily! i would just pay the extra $10 for quality trucks but thats just me.. sorry if this was lenthy and i hope this helps