15 years ago

Problem while writing a slideshow to a DVD using Nero?

I created a slideshow in Nero by combining together many photos and music. When i preview, it was very fine.But if i write it to a DVD,after some time ,my system got halted.When i check the task manager,the CPU usage becomes 100%. Eventhough no other background or foreground processes running ,my system get halted . I don't know why this happens,only if i try to write it to a DVD. All other writing processes are OK,only when writing slideshows i am getting problem.
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15 years ago
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Your system is sick ? I think Nero and your system are quarrelling :) They dont like each other especially when DVD comes in between them. Clarify me whether its only when you are writing slideshow it happens or while writing anything to DVD it happens? I dont think this problem is specific to slideshow. Try with other document and then your ppt, Hope things will go fine. If not get back to us :) Mis U **** PC