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My friend, "Nolan" just 'fessed up that he likes me. I told him I like him back and we were all happy. Then we were discussing what we should do next (relationship wise). I told him I didn't feel exactly ready for a relationship. He sounded sad though he said he wasn't. I feel rushed though I know he doesn't intend that. I feel like I'm stepping into a danger zone (because I have been scarred before). I want to still be his friend. I want to pretend nothing happened. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!???!?!?
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14 years ago
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Reassure him that you do like him. Talk to him and let him know that the only reason you want to take things slowly is because of your past relationship wounds. Let him know that you are still healing. If he knows this slow time is not because you don't care, he'll come around. God bless.