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System Restore/Reset?

Okay, my computer has been great for the last 3 years, but for the past month or so a weird problem is happening, its shutting down randomly b/c of a "power related problem", got a 800W power supply and still no help. SO, anyway i want to know how i can "restore" my computer. i know System restore, but u can only go so far back. I want to know how i can wipe my harddrive BUT keep things like the Drivers for my graphics card sound card etc. mainly i want to keep the drivers and such on and everything else back to new PC. I Custom Built this computer so it came with no retsore PC disk. i think there is a way using MS-DOS but i dont know what to do w/ that, and any other ideas on how i can reset it but keep those specific things i state would be GREAT!!
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To the best of my knowledge (and I've been a computer tech for over 10 years) there is no DOS command to format the hard drive and leave the drivers. The format command is pretty much an all or nothing option. If your having a "power related problem" - wiping your drive probably isn't the answer. Take a close look at your motherboard (since it sounds like you have a new power supply) and try to find any bulging condensors, burned spots, or other signs of overheating/failure. Those are the areas most likely to give you that message...indicating some type of component failure.