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Having trouble with tingle in hand and feet as well as being light headed?

I walk two miles per day and I am not overweight. I just had a stress test about 6 months ago and all turned out normal. I do have high blood preesure which I take one pill per day for. I am 50 yrs old and have never had a major health issue. My problem is that about a week ago I have noticed that my blood pressure is coming in low. The normal for me is 130/80 now it can drop as low as 105/67, as well as do a little fluxuating. When I walk I take my Blood pressure and it comes in at 120/ 73 which after a hard walk is very suprising. Now when I drink any coffee ( with suger) or eat any meal other that friut I get dizzy and sweaty. This feeling passes in about a half hour and all seems to be pretty normal. With all this said does anyone have a clue whats going on?
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14 years ago
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It sounds like a drop in your blood sugar level especially in relation to your consumption of sugar or fruit. It would be prudent to have some protien or fat (not too much!) when you have any sugar/fruit/carbs to slow down their absorbtion and keep your blood sugar levels stable and of course talk to your doctor. Good luck!