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Thanks for the answers! Please read if you read my recent question.?

Yeah like Ben r I'm 14 instead of 12 but I don't know how to get my books published. I'm a bit edgy about letting her see my stories. To those who are like me I guess you'd know what I'm talking about.
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Getting Published Non-fiction is easier to get published, but by no means is it easy. Other than having a certain newspaper editorial page or a magazine suited to the short story or article, an author should: 1. Visit the library, check out the "Writer's Market" book, and search for a publishing house that best suits the manuscript. 2. Write the best query letter you can wherein the first paragraph is better than the opening line on your manuscript. Follow all query letter and manuscript guidelines as set forth by the publisher and the writers' guide. 3. Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope in the submission. 4. If the author is not fortunate in getting a response from the publishing house, repeat the above steps in seeking agent representation. 5. Your manuscript is automatically copyrighted once it is in a tangible form, but you can still submit it to the Library of Congress on a TX Form at a cost of $35. In approximately eight months, the registration for the work should be received. For details in copyright submissions, log on to the Library of Congress website. Unless an author is at the right place, the right time, and with the right publisher or agent, the prospects of getting something published is extremely difficult. A fiction novel is even more difficult unless you are already established as a published author. There is much more to this topic on getting published that takes months, even years, to work through. Everything submitted must be perfectly formatted, no spelling errors, and certainly, is perfect in grammar. It is wise to have the manuscript edited several times even before its first submission. An author must never expect the agent or the publisher to edit the manuscript if it is already messy. Such an attitude only results in the manuscript getting thrown in the trashcan. You will hear people claim they've "been published." Ask how it was done and they might reply either by “Print on Demand" publishing or subsidy publishing, which takes the author’s money up front before anything is put into printing. These methods of publishing are a good way to go provided funds are available to support the enterprise. Nevertheless, having a book published in this manner does not guarantee sales marketing of the book. That is why reputable publishers and agents are so selective; they can’t spend time and money marketing a book that they feel will not project sales. It is not a walk in the park nowadays. (That is a trite expression to always avoid). Agents and publishing houses are deluged with manuscripts everyday. And sadly, they trash more of them than you'll ever know. Only a very small percentage gets to the printing press. Many writers view that only celebrities and well known political figures and authors will see their manuscript published without delay. There are two other options to getting your work published--other than the standard agent representation or direct publishing through a publishing house. 1. Subsiding Publishing: There are several reputable companies who will take your novel and provide an attractive cover, binding, and printed form on either hardbound or paperback. Some companies will offer terms and a payment plan and the cost to you ranges from $6,000 to $20,000., depending on word count and size. 2. Print on Demand: These companies will take your novel, provide hardbound or paperback options, and for a price, print as many copies as you desire. An initial cost could be from $300 to $1,500. It could be more. Payment options may also be in the equation here. With this option, the writer must do all the legwork in publicity, book signing, and distribution. Some publishing agents and firms want you to have your manuscript edited through one of their subsidiaries, all at a cost to you. The more reputable agents and publishing houses will not expect this of you; they will edit the manuscript once they've taken it on. Unless you are a Hollywood celebrity or a high profile political figure, expect to work hard at the grind for publishing your material. Agent representation, for many, is the best way to go. Agencies know what publishers want what to print. They know the best contacts to submit your manuscript, and they look out for your best interests and theirs because it's all economics to them. If they can't sell your book, they don't make money; that's about as plain as it gets. Many potential best-sellers are trashed by agents and publishers alike because of the monumental submissions they receive. If a manuscript contains flaws in spelling, grammar, and contrived clichés, it will head to the trash can before the second page is ever read.
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Here are some ghost movies: When Darkness Falls, Ghost Ship, Dragonfly, Chasing Ghosts, Thirteen Ghosts, The Others, Ghost Rider, The Amytiville Horror, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Dark Water, The Fog, The Others, The Sixth Sense (but that didn't come out in 2005). That's all I can think of right now. Hope that helps.
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Wanda K
at your age, don't worry about getting published yet. Work on getting your writing honed to a readable stage. Read other stories and novels (ones you like) and pay attention to the way they are written. The dialog usage, the way scenes are used to move the story... nothing should be in a story or book that doesn't help move the story. See how a good author SHOWS the reader the action and allows the reader to be part of the story, (DON'T TELL a story, boring.) its a lot of work and its not easy, good luck