16 years ago

Buying a Macbook?

Ok.....I decided to dump the PC and buy a Macbook. I was thinking of getting the low-end macbook. 80GB ( but I'll upgrade to 120GB hard drive), 1GB of Memory, Combo Drive. Im only going to use it for school and storing my Itunes library. I would get the Macbook Pro, but its not in my budget. Do you think I should get teh low-end Macbook??? Any recommendations
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16 years ago
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Good job, you evolved and got some class knowing what good technology is... Now onto business... What are you going to do with it? Like what applications, what hobbies, games? etc. I think you should go for the Blackbook or at least the middle Macbook, you should get the Superdrive. If your a higher education student or a college student then you can get an education discount as well. Also get iWork, I heard it was great.